Xqisit S20 bluetooth portable speaker

The Xqisit S20 bluetooth portable speaker is the perfect accompaniment for your portable audio listening needs.

It’s sleek and simple design means that it will probably fit right in with your other bits of tech and will not take up too much space and it’s a tiny little speakers with a huge sound. We also likes the fact that the Xqisit S20 bluetooth speaker doesn’t weigh much, meaning you can carry it around all day long without breaking your back.

Xqisit S20 bluetooth portable speaker
The Xqisit S20 next to my apple mouse to give an idea of the scale

When we first opened the Xqisit S20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker we thought it was a gimmick. The speaker is roughly the same size and shape as a mobile phone, but double the thickness. Our initial thoughts was that this speaker would have a really bad sound and be a complete waste of time.

Oh how wrong we were. This slick little beast, beat our expectations. For the size and shape it produces an awesome sound. Don’t get me wrong, you will not wake the neighbours with this speaker but for something that can fit inside a women’s hand bag, right next to her phone and still have space for lipsticks and whatever else women have in their handbags is pretty impressive.

Xqisit S20 bluetooth portable speaker
Pretty Slick right?

The bass line isn’t great, but let’s face it, most tiny speakers cannot produce real bass. This speaker is perfect for sitting in the park with friends or a BBQ at home or having friends round for dinner etc and the Xqisit S20 can play up to 20 hours of music, yep 20 hours and is rechargeable via USB in less than 5 hours.

And guess what? the Xqisit S20 also has an in-built microphone so that you can receive hands-free conversations, perfect for someone like me that likes to cook and play music at the same time. While my hands are covered is food, I can still receive my calls through my Xqisit S20 and when the call is finished, I can go straight back to my music without have to disconnect or unplug.

Xqisit S20 bluetooth portable speaker
Whats inside the box

Here’s the tech spec

  • Up to 10 hours operating time
  • 2 hours charging time
  • 6W HD stereo music power with passive subwoofer
  • Ability to charge your phone through it too

Was £59.99 Now £29.99 – available from Carphone Warehouse in silver or champagne

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