Yellows, 21 year old North London rapper and creator of ‘Cake’ ft. Paigey Cakey, speaks to Flavourmag ahead of the release of his new EP, ‘No Ego’, on 22 September 2014.

Tell me a bit about yourself…
I’m a rapper from North London 21 years old. I’ve been making music since the age of 13, when I came across Always Recording, an independent record label. The name ‘Yellows’ came naturally – one day I walked into Always Recording and everyone was joking and throwing cusses at each other. Everyone started saying “yo yellow”, “look at this yellow boy”, so the name just stuck and I embraced it. I bought yellow clothes and everything!

What inspired ‘No Ego’?
I just wanted to make a statement that I don’t have an ego. I feel like everyone has an ego at the moment. Whether its image or on the internet. I’m not really watching anyone else. I do my own thing, I live my own life. When things happen you’re not with other people, you’ve got to handle stuff on your own, so I live with structured thoughts on my own path.

I’m an only child, it was just me and my mum – all of my family live outside of London. As a kid growing up with no brothers or sisters, I understand the strength of influence so I’m not gonna do anything outrageous! I’m conscious of the fact that young people watch but I don’t let it get to my head.

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What’s your favourite track?
I do like ‘Cake’ a lot! It’s growing on me the more I hear it! It was inspired by the chemistry I’ve got with Paigey Cakey, now and then we do all night sessions in the studio. If not that, it would be a track called ‘Lil n##a’ (I have got a clean version). It’s hype, a catchy song. I’m talking about something current in my life. People look at me as this little kid among all these bigger artists, like Chip and Wretch. I know there are a lot of people who can relate to being that little guy but you’re doing big stuff! I like that concept!

What are your musical influences?
My Mum has really schooled me with reggae and hip hop in music. She listened to a lot of old skool music like Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Motown. I was a big fan of Tupac as a kid. My inspiration definitely comes from what my mum has taught me in terms of her choice of music.

Who would you like to work with?
It would be my favourite producer, DJ Mustard; I like the vibe and that whole LA sound. Artist?! I’ve always said Adele, her voice is so heavenly, if I was ever to be blessed to be on song with her, I’d have to go so sick!

Tell me about your series ‘Yellow Fridays’
I was working on the ‘Brightness in the Darkness’ EP a couple of years ago and I wanted to showcase what we do amongst all the business side of stuff and sleepless nights in the studio. We show you what kinda fun we have, different rappers and other artists that I brush shoulders with. There’s an action packed episode coming for ‘No Ego’, and a new series for the next project!

Tell me about your tattoos
All of them have meaning: A crow is one of the only birds who don’t roll in a flock; a puzzle piece, it’s like I’ve found my place within my craft, myself in music. A Black rose and a White lily, for purity and the Black Rose for death and struggle – both of my granddads died. Stand for nothing; fall for anything and my mum’s eye and her signature, just for homage reasons [smiles].

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Are you single and available?
I’m single, but I don’t know if I’m available…but only because I’m very focused on what I want in life… its more about my achievements. If it happens, then yeah man [smiles]. I always said by the age of 23, I would have a kid. But as I’m getting there, I’m not so sure about that [laughs]! I am a family man, but most of all I just want to be comfortable within my craft, within my life and focus on giving back a bit to my family.

What’s your philosophy?
I would say…If you stand for nothing you fall for anything. It’s all about morals. If you don’t have morals, what’s your place in this earth?

So what’s next for Yellows?
After ‘No Ego’, my next mixtape will be released next year. I’ve had my first radio play with ‘Cake’, so hopefully more radio play, more performances. An EP launch party, more Yellow Fridays. Just more fun and consistency!

‘No Ego’, released 22 September is available to pre-order on iTunes Follow Yellows on Twitter @yellowsuk and Instagram YellowsUK

Words by Laionie Buchanan