Ashanti Nindi and Jamel Kennedy of South East London make an interesting duo; by combining aspects of their Photography, Film, Graphics and Web Design to bring you A New Media better known as ANM. The group was established in 2008 and with an ambition to create their own direction and path in the industry ANM was born. ANM sets about providing Photography and Film for events such as fashion shows as well as showcasing Web Design and Graphics for local established and up and coming businesses.

Jamel & Ashanti

What is the most enjoyable part of your roles?
It would have to be the fact that when we work with clients we naturally form a comfortable yet professional relationship.

What has been the best feedback you have received from clients?
Referrals are a huge merit for us because clients are always satisfied with the final result. We have been told we are very easy to work with flexible and adaptable. It is easy to lose that compassionate touch but our aim is not to.

How do you set yourself apart from the other Media & Photography companies that exist?
We incorporate all aspects of Media – from Photography to Film, Web Design, Graphics Design and Media.

Some people note that working with friends can cause disagreements. As a family and friend self owned business have you had any?
Never. Not that we can remember. We both met at work and became good friends. Over the years we’ve established goals to achieve, and acknowledge that in order to meet them we must combine our talents and skills. In many cases it can be easier working with a friend.

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Words by Kemi Giwa


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