megerecooper_1The Culture Club London is the new hip and arty membership club where people can socialise and make friends. The club has a clear motto – ‘go out, do stuff, meet folks, have fun,’ – encouraged by founder and director of the club Matilda Egere-Cooper. She welcomes everyone to join this exciting new approach to London life and hopes it will be a one-stop destination for all social needs. The Culture Club London offers exclusive members deals for people to enjoy a vast selection of art and culture in the fast paced and ever-evolving city.

When was The Culture Club launched and what was the aim?
I set up a group for people to join and socialise together in September 2010, but The Culture Club officially launched on April 5th. My aim is to bring people together through social events and capture a great social scene in London. I’m from New York and when I came to London it instantly struck me that there were not many activities to do that represented my tastes in art and culture. So I thought it would be worthwhile developing a following that would cater for my interests and it wasn’t difficult to persuade people to join.

How many members does the club have and how do you join?
So far there are 330 members, but it is still very early days and more people are joining all the time. Everything prior to April 5th was free, but now you can join online and subscribe to be either a bronze or silver member. They both have incentives to get exclusive access to the social club, but silver members will be able to enjoy special offers and discounts to all kinds of things, from events to restaurants.

How do you get discounts for entertainment and social scenes around London?
The Culture Club offers promotion for anyone who agrees to feature on our events list for the month. So even if not many people choose their venue, they will still be heavily featured on our website which will give them plenty of exposure.

What have you found challenging about the club?
That would definitely be building the culture club website! I’ve never set up my own website but I managed to design it myself! My friend helped me with a few technical things but for literally a month and a half I was teaching myself HTML. It was very time consuming, but the hard work is paying off.

What has been a memorable moment since the club’s launch and why?
My first ever public event was a games show and I really didn’t know what to expect. I had never organised an event before and don’t even know how it came about! But in 4 weeks I got the venue arranged and put together everything needed for it to be a success. It was a defining moment for me.

How does The Culture Club inspire people?
The idea of getting out there and meeting new people is very inspiring to those who choose the club as their social scene. I would say the general age group of members is 25 to 35 plus who take the step of coming out. There will also be at least a few special nights that people would find inspiring.

Who or what inspires you?
I’ve always been very ambitious and have that go-getter American attitude! I strongly believe in inspiring others to do great things, and the results I see then motivates me even more. I’m motivated to be the best person I can be and it’s the happiness of others that inspires me to do this. That is why making people happy is the most satisfying thing for me when working with the club. The essence of Hip Hop music also inspires me because it’s all about going against the grain and bringing all kinds of people together. Hip Hop music has this ability to form a community of people and I think that is very powerful.

What events and special nights does the club hold?
We have museum trips and regular quiz nights that are a whole lot of fun! We also have the session ‘Culture Club’s need to mingle,’ where we have a speed meeting for people to make new friends who have similar interests. Everyone wears a name badge and it’s all about coming out of your comfort zone. There’s plenty of snacks and drinks on the night, and all members have a laugh.

What is the most popular London socials among the members and why?
The Hip Hop quiz night has a big turnout because I think people just love what it represents and how it makes them feel. I guess because I’m from America I have strong passion for Hip Hop! Cooking and dance classes are other sessions that are very popular, and people like to learn new things. Then there are always the special performance nights at bars around London where members are given backstage passes to shows!

How often does the club offer promotions and get together?
Regular socials occur several times a month but the special nights are once a month.

What’s in store for the club and what are your future plans for it?
The club is forever growing, so I want it to continue to do so and make its mark in London. I would like The Culture Club to be known for its friendly atmosphere, multiculturalism and diversity in ages. My plan is for the club to set the bar in terms of socialising and fill the social gap around London. After being established in London, I would love the club to branch out to different regions and become as massive as it can get. This way there can be a permanent events space where there can be a main venue for the club to operate out of. The ultimate dream would be for the club to be international and have worldwide status bringing people together across the world.

Words by Melissa Lewars