The world is not fair. It might be one of the first things your parents taught you when you were having a tantrum over not getting the ice cream you wanted, or when Father Christmas got you the toy car you asked for but in the wrong colour.

People no doubt learn this at an earlier and earlier age as advertising, marketing and consumer messages rocket into your psyche via the unrelenting access points provided by technology. 

You develop unrealistic tastes for over expensive stuff and consequently get turned down by your parents a lot. Television, radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines and shop windows all tell us what we want or should want to buy next. The celebrity obsession, while being nosey and downright strange, also furthers this chase for the latest desirable, designer products. We see Ryan Gosling driving it, we want to drive it. We see Lucy Liu wearing it, we want to wear it. We see Dave Grohl drinking it, we want to drink it. As it happens Ryan Gosling owns a Toyota Prius but you get the picture.

It is heartbreaking to see someone your age in celebrity culture driving a Lamborghini or Aston Martin DB9, especially when you’re a teenager just learning to drive your grandmother’s old banger. Furthermore, seeing someone 15 years your junior drive a car worth more than a house at the age you were when you couldn’t afford a new CD is embittering. Envy pours from your soul.

What are the best young celebrity cars out there?
Are you sure you want to know? Auto Trader UK have helpfully compiled a vast list of celebrities of all ages and their cars. We have hand-picked a few of them so we don’t make you too miserable. Beginning with the oldest of a young bunch is the 34-year-old F1 racing driver Jenson Button. He owns, as you’d expect, the fastest road car on earth, the Bugatti Veyron which costs around £1 million brand new.

Cheryl Cole, the 30-year-old pop singer, owns a £92,000 Audi R8 supercar, which Tony Stark, aka Ironman, owns in the film franchise. Yes, it’s true.


Cristiano Ronaldo, the best footballer on earth, owns dozens of cars but as we’re limited on space, to name but a few the 27-year old has compiled a Bentley Continental GT, a Porsche Cayenne, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and a Ferrari F430. Together these would cost you around £600,000 minimum. Plus you’d need to part with another million pounds ‘entry fee’ for the privilege of owning the Ferrari 599.

Miley Cyrus, at the ripe old age of 21, drives a Maserati Quattroporte worth around £100,000 and last but not least we come to Justin Bieber who drives a £60,000 Fisker Karma which he received as an 18th birthday present.


Take your pick. These are but a few of the young guns out there who own supercharged, piles of cash on wheels. They’re all pretty amazing cars which have become commonplace in their garages while the rest of us mortals have to settle for the more modest run-arounds that would probably lose drag races to skateboarders.