Do you like to fall asleep in what’s known as the ‘honeymoon hug’ embracing your partner, face to face? Or are you more of a duvet hogging, limb stretcher, who likes to occupy 80 per cent of the mattress while you other half dangles off the edge? Lovestruck analyses six common positions…

The position you sleep in when you are sharing a bed with your boyfriend or girlfriend can reveal a lot about the romance because unlike when we are awake, we can’t hide our body language when we are catching 50 winks. Here at, we know that while it’s common to think that everyone else falls asleep in each other’s arms, minus morning breath, cramp or general neck ache, we can assure you that is not real life.

Here are the six most common styles below and what they say about your relationship:

1. The Romantic

This position where the woman lies on the man’s chest reminds us of many a Hollywood pillow-talk scene and is said to show new or rekindled intimacy. The man is showing his protective ‘alpha’ side while the woman shows she is happy to submit to him. Altogether now: ‘Ahhh!’

2. Spooning

This is when two people sleep alongside one another, facing the same direction. Psychologists say that if the woman is behind the guy this shows she is nurturing and maternal, whereas if he chooses the ‘big spoon’ option he is showing his protective side and how he wants to take control of the relationship. Either way this position can be a winner; it has been shown to reduce stress and increase intimacy all round.image
3. The Honeymoon Hug

Yes this is romantic but if you are facing each other and hugging closely this can only mean a big old mash up of too many limbs and loss of blood flow to the arms. This is a style for a couple that can’t get enough of each other and can’t bear to tear themselves away, even while sleeping. According to one survey only four per cent of people ever sleep like this and we can’t say we’re not surprised!

4. The Bottom Hug

This is where a couple sleeps back-to-back, while touching bums and making a ‘v’ shape. This position shows you are intimate and connected sexually but confident enough to give your partner space.

5. Back-to-back

While some suggest that sleeping back-to-back while not touching indicates a lack of communication between you, this style is a practical and comfortable one. And if this is you fear not! A recent survey of 200 people showed that 46 per cent of people turned away from their partners while they sleep, while a quarter admitted that they can’t bear it if their other half touches them.image

6. Separate Beds

We’d love to say this is healthy but unless you are a crazy sleepwalker or have a bad snoring issue, this is probably not the healthiest of sleep styles. Research has shown that romances are enhanced when couples go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

What do you think? What is your sleep style and what do you think it says about your relationship? Tell us