B-Girl review

B-GIRL_Angel_Carlos _SalsaIf you enjoyed ‘Stomp the Yard’ and ‘You Got Served’, you’re probably eager to get your hands on the B-Girl Dvd, featuring veteran B-girl Jules Urich. Unlike other dance films that cram in dance sequences at every opportunity, B-Girl makes an attempt at creating a storyline.

Angel (Jules Urich) is one of the best b-girls in Brooklyn and loves an opportunity to show off her skills. However, a brutal attack on Angel by her ex-boyfriend leaves her best friend dead and Angel seriously injured. After the attack, Angel’s mum – Gabby – insists that they move back to her house in Los Angeles where Angel finds herself feeling vulnerable and isolated.

It isn’t long before she finds a dance group in LA, but she has to convince them that despite being a b-girl she can be an asset to their team. Furthermore, she still has to work through the injuries she sustained from the attack. Her perseverance eventually pays off and she is able to return to the dance floor with a bang.

B_ GIRL_Finals_HeadspinB-GIRL features some of the biggest and best b-boys in the world today, including FleaRock, Legacy, Remedy, Steelo, and many, many more. Although the cast is packed full of experienced b-boys, it’s a little slow to start and lacking in some of the jaw dropping moves that can be found in other dance films. That being said, the message of overcoming fear is poignant throughout the film and worth a watch if you have some spare time.

B-Girl is out now and can be found in major retailers and on Play and Amazon online.B-GIRL_Rico_Finals_Freeze_590

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