MC Iggy Azalea #saidyes to NBL player Nick Young recently as Iggy posted her good news on Facebook.

A few mixed comments surfaced, such as whether she’d finally quit rapping, some condolences because “marriage sucks” and of course the die-hard Iggy fans congratulating her. No matter what you think of Iggy, she made it rain through her talents, and while everyone is focused on that $500,000 ring, we decided to check out 10 of the best reactions comments from Iggy’s engagement.  My condolences

1. My condolences 


 2. End of rapping career? 

Change of career?

3. Haters gonna hate 

Haters gonna hate

4. Hearts were broken…

One day it will be me

5. Predicting the future..

Predicting the future

6. You going to pull a Kim K?

Sex Tape?

7. End of a rap era?


8. Who gets the booty now?

Who gets all the booty?

9. Yes to quitting music?

Yes to quitting music?

10. You earned it girl!

You earned it Iggy

Don’t listen to them Iggy, you got this! Congratulations!

Iggy who that