When we think Agent Provocateur, we think, sultry lingerie, provocative slips and suspenders, thrilling lace and sheer as well as love, sex and orgasm’s.

A simple 2 words (Agent Provocateur) can send most people’s mind into the erotic and flirtatious zones of the brain, leaving us wanting it badly and tempting us fetishism and more. We decided to skip the lingerie for this article, however if you want see their stunning lingerie collection you can do so.

We wanted to look at the Agent Provocateur dresses. Yes they sell dresses too. Stunning dresses, dresses that you will probably not see all your friends wearing. Dresses that are sure to turn up the heat and make you feel ever so special.

Take for instance this Devyn Dress

Devyn Dress

The divine Devyn dress lets the detail do the talking. With hints of gothic romance, the figure-hugging black stretch silk lame slip is edged with hand cut lace at the bust and hem, creating a sinfully sensuous silhouette.

And we adore this Katrionah Dress

Katrionah Dress

Cut a killer silhouette in the Katrionah. This voluptuous, figure-hugging dress is made from layers of delicate baby pink satin overlaid with fiery red French leavers lace and swathes of ruched black silk chiffon that cling onto every curve.

And this summer sizzling Emiko Dress

Emiko Dress

Emiko, a silk chiffon mini slip dress hand embroidered with glass beads, has a slight draped cowl at the front neck leading into a daring plunged draped back where the lightweight silk chiffon delicately folds over the top of the derrière.

And this plunge Leoni Dress

Leoni Dress

Enigmatic Leoni is a figure-hugging, glimmering oriental chimera in golden and charcoal floral jacquard and charcoal French leavers lace.

And the Varvara Dress. Yes its a dress.

Varvara Dress

Spellbinding Varvara is impossible to ignore – and who would want to? Resplendent in a cascade of eye-catching brushed, engraved gold disks and fine, draped gold chains, this glimmering, decadent tabard-style chainmail playsuit is inspired by the golden age of Cleopatra. Designed as a “throw-on” piece, the playsuit is without a brief or gusset and can be worn on its own or over a camisole to show-stopping effect.

And this Jenika Short Slip

Jenika Short Slip

The sheer, soft nude tulle of the Jenika slip fits close to the body, encircling the neck high on the collarbone in a halterneck to the front and scooping low at the rear, held together with silk binding and ties. An exquisite deco-style bead design, created with extravagant bugle beads, creates a barely-there, undulating veil of pattern at the front and rear.

This is jus a few of the dresses available at Agent Provocateur, so its time to live the dream and start shopping. But just before you leave our site, take a look at this list of 10 places to wear an Agent Provocateur dress.

1. On a date.
This is the obvious one, blow his or her mind away by wearing an Agent Provocateur dress to a date.

2. On holiday.
What happens abroad, stays abroad. On holiday is probably one of the only times you can get away with being uber sexy, without being judged.

3. Surprise Sexual Visit.
Simply turn up at his or hers house in an Agent Provocateur dress and you know its ON!

4. Fancy Club Night.
Not to be worn to the local pub, however if needs must then go for it. Arrive at a plush Mayfair club in one of these and watch the VIP treatment get offered to you on arrival.

5. Sex Party.
Yes we said it. A sex party is the perfect place to wear a sultry Agent Provocateur dress. You will have everyone in the party seeking you out for an orgasmic experience.

6. A Fashion Show.
Show those models what you are made of and steal the show by wearing one of these dresses to a fashion show. The photographers will be all over you and everyone will think you are a model or celebrity.

7. Casino.
Go to a plush Casino wearing one of these and see what happens. We need not say anymore about this one.

8. Boxing Match.
Men and muscles, what better way to balance out the testosterone than to wear an Agent Provocateur dress? You will be the talking point for everyone in attendance.

9. Valentines Party
Another perfect excuse to go one step further and take things to extreme levels of erotica. Valentine days has an Agent Provocateur dress written all over it.

10. A Ball
Forgot the old school ball gowns, where a sultry Agent Provocateur dress and show everyone what they are missing.

Bonus idea:

Somewhere wear your EX GF or BF will be. Ha Ha. Fuck with their head by wearing an Agent Provocateur dress to a place where you know your ex partner will be. It will hurt them badly.

Go to Agent Provocateur now find your perfect dress.