What’s the difference between Love, Sex, Vibrators and Orgasm’s? Here’s a breakdown of the different types of orgasm, which is the best and how to use all three in order to get the best sexual experience from each scenario.

We spoke to both men and women about the 4 topics above and although and we have tried to write this article from both the male and female perspective and un-biased to any gender. We would love to hear your comments on the article as your views with also help us to update this article and make it a genuinely helpful read for people trying to reach climax.

Love is completely different from sex, and sex has a complete different feeling from vibrators and you can achieve orgasm with any of the above.

Let’s start with vibrators.
We’ve spoken to a group of women about vibrators, and generally the all conclude the same answer, which is, vibrators are amazing, in the first instance they can help a girl learn to orgasm and are also great for a quick fix, however its a complete different feeling from real sex and the two cannot be compared to each other.

I found in my research the men can sometimes have an issue with a women using a vibrator. Maybe it emasculates some men or maybe some men feel that they just can’t compete with a vibrator. The truth is, NO, you cannot EVER compete with a vibrator and a vibrator should be classed as your friend and not your foe.

Let’s breakdown 3 types of vibrators that make for good orgasms. 
First up you will probably know that there is a vast variety of vibrators available for the female orgasm. As all females are very different, the choice of vibrator you use is very important to the orgasm you will achieve. After speaking to my friends, colleagues girlfriends and ex girlfriends about vibrators, I thought I would use these 3 vibrators as a very simple starting point for choosing a vibrators.

First thing to note is, what type of girl is the vibrator for? For the purpose of this article, this can generally be broken down into 2 simple categories. I have named these categories as “The Innies” and “The Outies”. Hopefully these 2 titles are self explanatory, however if you still don’t get it, here is the breakdown.

The Innies
The Innies, are the type of girl that likes a vibrator inserted inside of her. This doesn’t mean that she isn’t an Outie too, but she can have it both ways and orgasm via the innie vibration method as well as the outie vibration method.

The Outies
The Outies are the type of girl that doesn’t necessarily like a vibrator inserted inside her, she much prefers the clitoris to be stimulated rather than the penetration of a vibrator.

The Vibrators
Now that we have established the types of women, its now time to start shopping for a spectacular vibrator for both the innie and the outies.

If you are an innie, you probably won’t need to look no further than the Usain Bolt of vibrators, sometimes referred to as the ultimate vibrator. Yes you guess correctly. Its the all singing, all dancing RAMPANT RABBIT.


The Rampant Rabbit is an innies dream come true. Why? This little bad boy stimulates your clitoris and inside simultaneously. The Rampant Rabbit is a spectacular vibrator with multiple speeds and movement functions. The innies amongst us will have the most spectacular orgasmic experience with the Rampant Rabbit.

For the outies you can choose a wide range of vibrators, but in my experience I have found THE BULLET to be the vibrator of choice for many an outies. Why? I still not quite sure, but maybe its the size of The Bullet. Its tiny, its looks like a lipstick. Small but powerful. This little bad boy can fit inside any handbag or purse. The outies can even take this one to work for a quickkie during a loo break, or any other break they may want to take.


The size of the bullet will also make it easier for the men boys that have a complex with vibrators. He can use it to stimulate her and get her wet before the real sex.

Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to get the right vibrator. Its not about having a shelve stacked with sex toys, its all about getting the right toys for the right person. Simples.

We decided to add The MASSAGER or WAND to the mix of vibrators. This vibrator is huge. Its powerful, and it does exactly what its says on the tin.


The innies will not get the inside stimulation like the rampant rabbit, but you can use this vibrator for many purposes. Here’s a little list.

  1. The size of the head, means all you need to do place it on the area and hold it there. No hand movement needed.
  2. The clumsy and not so clumsy men, can use it to stimulate the clitoris while having sex with a women. Double pleasure, like the rampant rabbit.
  3. Your partner can literally place it between her legs, while you kiss and foreplay. Exciting times ahead.
  4. It’s an actually massager, so you can use it for neck and back pain, simply place on the area and let is gentle vibrate the pain away.
  5. Doggy style is great with the wand. He takes her from behind, while she places the wand on the clitoris. We have never seen a women that doesn’t cum hard in this position.

There are many uses for the massager. The best thing to do is use it, and use it and use it.

The next part of this article, will be the sex article. Keep checking for updates.

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