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When people talk about travel, they tend to focus on the positive aspects like getting to see beautiful places.

However, there are many testing aspects of travel that can send your head into a spin.

So for those of you flying from Gatwick, here are 10 terrific relaxation tips.

  1. Arrive early 

Arriving at the airport a good few hours before your flight gives you extra time in the event of any unforeseen delays, and more opportunities to enjoy the fantastic Gatwick amenities.

  1. Eat

Your stress levels will be exacerbated if you’re travelling on an empty stomach. Thankfully, Gatwick Airport is home a whole host of food outlets, where you can line your stomach and chill out before your flight.

  1. Read

Reading transports you to a place that’s a world away from the manic airport. So definitely pack a book or download some eBooks and head to a quiet spot to read before your flight. This way, you’ll be cool and calm as your board your flight.

  1. Apps 

There are some terrific apps out there to assist you at every stage of your travels. In fact, there’s a Gatwick Airport Official app that you can download to access essential airport and flight information.

  1. Music 

With your favourite lyrics playing in your ears, you’ll be able to drown out the noise of irritating passengers, make sense of your thoughts and arrive in your destination with a clear head.

  1. Be positive

Whenever worrying thoughts start running through your mind, you should visualize the amazing places you’ll be visiting and picture yourself taking part in fun activities. This way, any nerves or anxiety you’re feeling will soon subside.

  1. Yoga

Exercise is an effective way of dealing with stress and it doesn’t get much more relaxing than yoga. It’s also the perfect physical preparation for the flight because it loosens and stretches your muscles. This yoga article on Yoga Outlet outlines some of the best poses.

  1. Collaborate

The stresses of travel can bring out the worst in people, which is especially problematic if you’re holidaying as part of a group. However, by ensuring that all members of your group have a say in travel plans, everyone will be on the same page and be less likely to act out and fall out.

  1. Carry-on essentials 

You should pack essential items such as toiletries, snacks and a spare set of clothes in your carry-on luggage. In doing so, you’ll be better prepared for unforeseen incidents such as flight delays and lost luggage.

  1. Drive

By driving to the airport you’ll have full control over your route and be relaxed from the off. But book a space ahead of time to avoid the hassle – you’ll find fantastic Gatwick Airport parking deals on

Follow these 10 top tips and you’ll be cool as a cucumber on your next trip from Gatwick.

That’s our list! Share your relaxation tips in the comments section.