t-shirt ideas

The t-shirt, a garment often taken for granted due to its straight to the point simplicity and youthful innocence. We have pulled together a collection of 5 takes on the humble t-shirt that you can try this season.

Band Tee’s

If you are like us, then you will have a wardrobe full of band t-shirts, but this is nothing new as people have been proudly wearing their favourite bands merchandise for many years. The popularity has now grown bigger than ever, as traditionally bands would produce their own merchandise to sell at concerts or online merchandise stores. Fast forward a few years and it is not uncommon to see these types of garments being sold under licence in high street shops.


The history of tie-dye has deep roots within political movements brought about in the ’60s by anti-war campaigners, with the idea of wear bright and vibrant colours to show love and peace. Nowadays the political messaging within these garments may not be as strong, but the visual impact definitely still present and will make a strong statement.


If being unique is your goal this season, then look no further than a personalised t-shirt. What is more than unique than a completely one-off garment? If you are in the market for products like these companies such as Banana Moon offer personalised clothing and have a huge range of well-known brands offering a variety of garments and personalisation options to make things extra unique.

Polo Shirt

Maybe you go for the smart casual look, if that’s more your thing then a polo shirt is the perfect t-shirt for your style. With the collar and sleeve details you will be sure to look the part, and pairing the garment with a smart jumper or cardigan would make a great outfit for the office!

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

As the nights begin to draw in and the sunshine starts to feel like a distant memory you may be reaching into your wardrobe for something a little warmer, but you may not have considered a long-sleeved t-shirt. With the lightweight functionality of a t-shirt and the added benefit of extra warmth, you can forget those winter clothes for a few more months!

So whether you are representing your favourite band, taking a trip into the office or avoiding the autumn chill here is our list of the 5 t-shirt styles you should check out this season, now you just need to find the right shoes!