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I recently had the chance to hit the gym with the “Welsh Warrior” Rob Terry in Clearwater, Florida. Whilst pumping iron in a gym owned by WWE Legend “Bushwhacker Luke”, I learned some important lessons about training.

Rob has returned to the world of bodybuilding after several years on the road as a full-time pro wrestler, and he has made quite an impact in doing so. Not only did he launch his own range of supplements as the official spokesperson of, but he has been lifting trophies in every bodybuilding tournament entered since his return to the stage.

In an exclusive workout session with Rob Terry, I was able to find out more about his approach to bodybuilding, whilst learning some very important lessons that we can all apply to our training. Our workout took place days before the prestigious Mr. Natural Olympia tournament.

1) Fitness is an Individual Journey

Walking into a gym owned by a WWE legend, to train with a bodybuilding champion could have been a daunting task – but it wasn’t. Rob, who is 6 feet 5 inches tall and dominated wrestling rings as TNA’s longest reigning Global Title holder, is not one for posing or posturing off stage, and he doesn’t compete with fellow gym-goers when it comes to lifting the heaviest weight. Despite being an imposing physical presence, Rob Terry is only focused on his own progress and not what others around him are doing.

“People ask me what my 1 Rep Max is”, says Rob.

The 1 Rep Max is theoretically the heaviest weight you can lift for just one rep.

“I don’t know what my 1 Rep Max is, and I don’t train that way”, shares Rob.

The truth is that how much you can lift, or how fast you can run is all individual. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and getting fit or improving your physique is more about your individual progress than comparing numbers with the guy or girl next to you.

Rob Terry and Scott Felstead
Rob Terry and Scott Felstead

2) Be Flexible in the Gym

Rob is a veteran of the gym and spends countless hours pumping iron. Over the years he has learned to be flexible about how he approaches his training.

“I’ve never been one to carry a list or a routine around with me”, comments Rob.

“You never know how you are going to feel on any given day and you may need to adapt your training to suit. If your legs are tired then you can work your arms instead. I’ve learned to listen to my body”, Rob concludes.

Rob Terry
Rob Terry

3) Even World Class Body Builders Can Feel Self Conscious

As we toiled through an intense workout guided by Rob, I was very aware of the pressure he was under. Just days out from the biggest competition of his career, the man mountain from Wales was getting ready to challenge for the title of Mr. Natural Olympia in Las Vegas. Even at Rob’s incredible level of fitness, he was still concerned about how tough the competition would be, and so he felt a burning desire to be leaner than his rivals.

“I have the size but right now I’m working on getting as ripped as possible”, shares Rob. “Even the smaller guys can be a real threat in bodybuilding competitions if they have the definition and the leanness… They are giant killers!”.

So, whilst you and I look at a chiseled bodybuilder and think that they can’t possibly have any insecurities, the truth is that we are all battling to be our best possible selves.

Rob Terry and Scott Felstead

4) You Never Stop Learning

Working out with Rob was a great experience for me and I will take many tips away from it, such as delaying the push and pull motion on certain exercises to maximise the effectiveness of a routine. I also learned that it is just important to keep the body hydrated and to get adequate rest between sessions for recovery, as it is to have a good workout in the first place.

For Rob, even after all his years at an elite level, he was trying new things ahead of the Mr. Natural Olympia competition.

“I’ve always been careful about what I eat, but I never really counted my macros. For this competition I’ve been counting them”, shares Rob.

Macros are the nutrients in foods such as protein, carbohydrate, and fat, and they can be measured to precision in order to give the body exactly what it requires to build muscle without gaining too much body fat.

5) You Get Out What You Put In

One universal truth about fitness that can’t be argued is that effort in = results out. If you put the time in and exercise, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest, your body will thank you for it.

If you want to improve your physique, and you are smart about how you apply yourself in the gym by chasing your own personal bests and not the person on the next bench, you will see some serious results.

For Rob, his effort certainly paid off. His dedication and commitment earned him the title of Mr. Natural Olympia 2017!

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By Scott Felstead