It’s Friday night and you’ve just got home from a long working week. You’ve already decided that you can’t be asked to go down the local pub or wine-bar with your colleges after work.

As you get home, you home you get that little itchy feeling that makes you want to do something. You’ve had your dinner; you’re now relaxed and start wondering whether you should message your friends to see if anyone is going out for drinks.

Then you decide, it’s ‘Friday and I want to chill at home tonight, I’ll message my friends tomorrow and see what’s happening for Saturday night’. You know that feeling don’t you? We all have that same feeling from time to time.

With that in mind here’s ‘5 fun things to do at home on a Friday night’.

  1. Netflix movie marathon.

Put on your PJ’s, grab a glass of wine and cosy up on your sofa. Switch on your Netflix account and get up to date with all of your favourite programmes like ‘Orange is the New Black’ or Narcos. You’ll get that blissful feeling, especially if you set your phone to silent too.

orange is the new black

  1. Fun and games at home.

Don’t fancy being at home alone? Why not invite your friends around for a Bingo Games night? With 75, 80 and 90 ball games, you and your friends will have fun all night long, and if you decide not to have your friends round then you can still as a bit of glam to your evening by checking out the Glitz & Glam games room.

  1. Makeup night.

You know what it’s like rushing to work every morning and not being able to apply your makeup in the way you want it. Now’s the time to get your makeup kit out and have your own personal makeup night. It’s simple, its fun and it will pay dividends in terms of time once you effectively master the ‘all day make up look’, get out your Mac Foundation and give it a whirl. Plus you can also take a few selfie’s for future use before meeting someone on date night. Here’s 4 Highlighter you should try.


  1. Plan a holiday

Nothing gives more pleasure than to search the internet for your next dreamy location that you would like to visit on holiday. The images of stunning beaches, resorts, palm trees, sun and sand will relax your mind and give you something to think about. Take a look at the Maldives or the Bahamas and you will be feeling Zen-like in no time at all.


  1. Yoga and meditation

Speaking of Zen, have you ever tried a bit of home yoga on a Friday evening? Go to and before you know it you will be flexing like a guru in no time at all. Run a hot bath, add some oils, light a candle and enjoy a relaxing bath where you can meditate after your yoga session. You will wake up on the right side of the bed the next morning.

There’s you have it. 5 fun things to do at home on a Friday night. Enjoy.