Gizelle Higginson is a fitness model and bikini competitor. In 2014 she won the UKBFF Nationals Bikini Championships, and competed in several international fitness shows.

Gizelle’s highlights were finishing 9th at the World Championships in Canada and winning Silver at Olympia Africa in Johannesburg. She is a sponsored athlete of Decibel Nutrition and Frontline Apparel. We managed to pull her away from her busy schedule for this quick fire interview and we twisted the arm of fitness photographer Simon (SNH Foto) Howard and managed to get our hands on these stunning images.

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On training we asked…
Whats your measurements?

What’s your key to looking good?
Consistency – both with diet and training. A little treat now and again is fine, but doing the right thing week in, week out is the key.

Give us your top training tip?
Variety. Vary each workout – exercises, reps, tempo, time under tension. Got to keep the body guessing and adapting.

Do you ever feel under pressure in a gym full of men?
I used to when I started training. Now I think it is some of the guys that feel under pressure when I ask them how long they are going to be on my machine for!

What are your training goals for 2015?
To get in the best shape ever, to continue to be successful in my competitions but mainly to inspire others to train.

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On health we asked…
What’s does your diet consist of?
High protein (e.g. chicken, turkey, white fish) and high fat (e.g. olive oil, avocado, nuts). I eat practically no carbohydrates, especially when preparing for competition.

Is it expensive to keep up a healthy diet?
It can be, especially if you buy a lot of supplements. However, there are cheaper options if you are on a budget.

If I can’t cook, what’s tips can you give to prepare a simply yet healthy meal.
You don’t have to be Nigella Lawson! Take some raw chicken breasts or white fish, season with salt/pepper, and put in some foil in a preheated oven (200o) for 30 mins. Eat with some sliced avocado and salad with some olive oil and balsamic/cider vinegar drizzled over.

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On men and women we asked…
Do you get a lot of attention with a body like yours?
I guess so, a lot depends on what I wear! Tighter, shorter clothes attract attention as does gym gear.

Is the attention mostly from men or women?
Both. I get compliments from women and they want to ask about training and nutrition etc. Guys tend to have other motives!

On fashion we asked…
If you wanted to buy a sexy dress, where would be your first choice fashion store to shop?
All Saints and Guess are my favourites.

What’s your favourite lingerie brand?
Calvin Klein, Myla and Agent Provocateur

What’s your favourite make up brand?

Short skirt or leggings?
Going out – short skirt. Gym – leggings (tight ones :))

High heels or comfy flats?
High heels for sure. I have a lot of heels!

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Special thanks to SNH Foto for the use of the photographs. Follow him on twitter @SNHFOTO