Riva Taylor music

The London-via-Los Angeles singer-songwriter first found success at a very young age after becoming the youngest artist ever signed to EMI Records, Riva is no stranger to the ups and downs of today’s music industry.

At the age of 12, Riva began her journey within music as Becky Jane Taylor. Riva’s insane journey included huge success in Asia, performances in front of Prince Charles and Princess Anne, live appearances at Harrods and an FA Cup Final.

Following on from her string of successful singles such as ‘Mr. Right’ and ‘My Mouth’, the latter of which was added to Elton John’s personal Spotify playlist, Riva now looks to present herself in a new light as she returns with her latest single ‘This Woman’s Heart’.


Echoing elements of her childhood voice, ‘This Woman’s Heart’ aims to tell a very personal story, one that reflects her current period of transition. Having grown both personally and professionally within the industry, her latest single looks to cement her place as a woman and no longer a girl. Paying tribute to those that have helped her along the way, ‘This Woman’s Heart’ is her own unique ode to the life that she has lived, and the one she hopes to continue with.

‘This Woman’s Heart’ was written alongside Julian Hinton (Rumer, Seal, Trevor Horn) and Graham Archer (Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran), and produced by Tim Bran (Birdie, Rae, London Grammar). The latest single looks to mark a new beginning for the singer. Filled with her powerful and emotive vocals, the new song looks to breathe new life into her euphoric aesthetic as she grows in both passion and beauty throughout.

Speaking to Flavour about her new single, Rina said

“We all have our constants in life, and this is a song written about one of mine. I had amazing experiences promoting my albums as a child, opening up opportunities for me to perform my music around the world. But coupled with that I learned the feeling of disappointment young. There are always ups and downs with these things while on the surface it’s all glamorous videos and after show parties. The reality is very different. It’s meant so much to have had the continued support and encouragement of a few special people and beyond that some amazing music supporters who have been there from the start, through the name changes and what is a clear change in musical direction. They are the reason I continue to release music. This song is a thanks to them too”.