Hayley Clough is a fitness model on a mission. Relatively new to the fitness modelling scene, Hayley’s Clough’s instagram is a timeline of progression that will motivate you to take your fitness seriously.

We spotted Hayley Clough by sheer chance and loved her photos, so we decided to give the newbie a quickkie (60 second interview) and this is what Hayley replied.

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On training we asked…

What are your measurements?
I am 5’8, weigh in at 56kg and currently a UK 6-8

What’s your key to looking good?
Lots of water, clean eating and beauty sleep!

Give us your top training tip?
Keep focused and always give 110% to your training. Fueling your body correctly before a specific workout if vital for maximizing your time and energy.

Do you ever feel under pressure in a gym full of men?
No, I train for myself and only myself. You are there to work and better yourself, not to worry about what other people think.

What are your training goals for 2015?
I am currently training for competition season; Pure Elite in April and the WBFF in May. I am looking to add lean muscle and create a more curvaceous physique whilst still staying lean. I am very happy with the progress I have made in the last 6 months and will continue to better myself.

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On health we asked…

What’s does your diet consist of?
A healthy mix of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Everyone is different so I don’t like to share my split. What works for me might not necessarily have the same results for someone else. I eat 4 meals a day and have snacks/shakes in between meals.

Is it expensive to keep up a healthy diet?
Yes, however it is all down to choice. I choose to eat organic whole foods which can be expensive. However, I do not eat out regularly which makes all the difference with weekly costs.

If I can’t cook, what’s tips can you give to prepare a simply yet healthy meal?
My 3 ingredient protein pancakes are easy and fool proof. 40g of gluten free oats, 25g PhD diet whey (white Chocolate) & 4 egg whites. Blend it all together and pan fry in coconut oil! Clean eating is in my opinion the easiest way of cooking, its simple wholesome food.

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On men and women we asked…

Do you get a lot of attention with a body like yours?
It really depends, social media more so due to the nature of the body exposure. Anyone can look good fully dressed however people don’t tend to see you physique in full. Social media is a great way of tracking progress and sharing images with the world.

Is the attention mostly from men or women?
I think women are sometimes intimidated with other women with a more athletic physique unless they are also into health and fitness. Everyone has there own opinion and that is fine. Its all about educating people. Men tend to like females who take care of there body, especially if they are also in that environment. Its sexy to see girls who lift in the gym.

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On fashion we asked…

If you wanted to buy a sexy dress, where would be your first choice fashion store to shop?
I personally love the brand AQ AQ based in the UK, the dresses are very sexy yet fashion led. If I need something for a black tie event I also love Jovani.

What’s your favourite lingerie brand?
Calvin Klein for basics.

What’s your favourite make up brand?
This is really difficult as I love beauty. Giorgio Armani, NARS and Charlotte Tilbury.

Short skirt or leggings?
Neither. Tight jeans!! Midi fitted skirts are sexier IMO.

High heels or comfy flats?
Heels, always! Or failing that… trainers!

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