Making the most of the summer sun, Flavour’s beauty editor Lea James gets the low down on what’s hot at the week long Chicago taste. Dating back to 1980 with over 6 million people attending to celebrate the 10 day event catered around the 4th of July

The Chicago taste is located in the heart of the city, near Millennium Park with an eclectic mix of populace, burning sunshine, endless food stalls and live music it gives out that carnival feel. Not one to miss out on an opportunity to check out the fashion conscious and bring the vibe back to London I observed these most seen fashion fixes:-

• Natural matt make-up
• Neon pink and orange polish
• Over sized sunglasses
• Caramel highlights
• Ed Hardy designer labels

Not only this but I also got to catch up with some supper savvy USA beauty girls who let me delve into their makeup bags to see what key products they were sporting at the event.

• Nataki – Sephora lip gloss in rosy glow
• Monic – lipstick in hot mocha
• Carla – light pink gloss; Lancôme
• Kim – Prescriptives; colour match foundation and powder for oily skins

Words by Lea James, photography Kiki Addusi

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