ACS Kings and Queens, an inter university beauty pageant was held on Sunday 20th June at Ocean Music Venue in Hackney. The competition saw young women and men from 8 different universities compete for the title and  Peter of Hertfordshire ACS and Nicholette of Bedfordshire ACS were crowned ACS King and Queen 2010 after 5 rounds which included an interaction round, traditional wear, fashion designer, evening wear and public vote round. Nerd Central were the receipts of the best fashion designer award on the night and for that they win a trip to New York. Check out the pictures of the event below. .


The results of the winners on the night were read out in this order.

Fourth runner up for king, ‘king Alex’ of Birmingham

Fourth runner up for queen, ‘queen Jade’ of Southbank

Third runner up for king, ‘king Isaac’ of Bedfordshire

Third runner up for queen, ‘queen Serena’ of Brunel

Second runner up for king, ‘king Jeffery’ of Kingston

Second runner up for queen, ‘queen Kyla’ of Roehampton

Winner king: ‘King Peter’ of Hertfordshire

Winner Queen: ‘Queen Nicolette’ of Bedfordshire

Winning fashion designer was Nerd Central



  1. I was there! Great night and a BIG improvement on the first one! Well done to everyone involved and Well done NIC!!!

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