chrisy nova

Pop artist Chrisy Nova has recently released his debut EP Embryo which is set to be followed by a further EP later in the year and his first studio album towards the end of 2018. As the first stage of his growth as a musician, Embryo represents Chrisy’s evolution from childhood to adulthood.

Drawing inspiration from life experiences as an identifying gay male, each song on the EP discusses various struggles experienced by Chrisy himself throughout his life, such as identifying as gay in a religious household and the journey of discovering the person you’re growing into, something that all people can identify with.

Crediting the likes of Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks for inspiring his sound and imagery, Chrisy Nova’s music can be described as dance music with a dark twist and an artistic edge. With the aim of appealing to the LGBT community as an openly gay member of the community, as well as reaching out to the heterosexual community to help eliminate the stigma, Chrisy constantly evolves and grows as a musician with the hope of one day becoming a pop icon in his own right.

His debut EP Embryo is available to stream and download on all major platforms now, and to stay up to date with his releases throughout 2018 you can follow him on social media.