Somebody recently said to me that if your dream isn’t bigger than you then it’s not your dream. I have big dreams for the future of Flavour. I won’t tell you what they are yet because I’d rather you witness the results then hear our ideas but I pray that my team and I have the strength and source the finances to make it all happen.In the meantime we will keep on bringing you fantastic issues with articles on established and emerging creative talent from around the world. However, with this edition we decided to change it up a little.

There is a wealth of talent in the UK that is not promoted enough so we decided to scream and shout about them by dedicating this issue to homegrown talent.

Our exclusive interview and photo shoot with Asher D is just the start of showcasing what the UK’s finest in fashion, music and business has to offer. I was also very privileged to be asked to conduct the behind the scenes documentary interviews with the artists that joined Bashy in Deptford to film the remix for his exceptional song Black Boys. I saw a different side to all of the emcees that day. They were all extremely articulate and offered a great insight into what it’s like being a black male in Britain.

Not forgetting the ladies. Rapper and singer Estelle is flying the flag for us Brits in the US now she’s signed to John Legend’s label. Check out her interview to find out how she’s coping with life in The States.

Each feature whether its Mr Midas or Levi Roots further emphasises the creative and entrepreneurial spirit that is found within us and shows what you can achieve with hard work. I know it’s difficult trying to succeed in the creative industries because sometimes no matter how talented you are its not what you know but who you know. However, all or homegrown talent prove that you can succeed at anything you want despite the obstacles put in front of you. So my question to you is what are you waiting for?

Don’t ever let anybody tell you no! Go out there and achieve the impossible. Feel free to email me and let me know the results.

Annika Allen


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