Aquilo have made a strong return with their current EP ‘Sober’. The four-song set is their first release in two years and has already exceeded 7 million streams.

The duo now completes the EP’s journey by sharing an imaginative new video for its closing track ‘Moving On’. A growing fan favourite, Atwood described the hazy, Tame Impala-flavoured track as, “Light, upbeat, groovy, and full of space to breathe, this is the song you’ll be blasting all summer long.” 

Talking about their new video, Aquilo commented “We started thinking about making a video for ‘Moving On’ during lockdown. It wasn’t the ideal time to make a music video, so we started thinking about how we could film our own that we could do while socially distancing, without needing a big crew.

The whole concept of this EP is the four stages of a break-up with ‘Moving On’ being the last, so it made sense to have this dramatic accompaniment to tie it all off. Hope you enjoy it.”

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