Plus size model Ashley Graham is making history as the FIRST EVER plus size model to feature in Sports Illustrated as she makes her debut in the annual swimsuit issue.

ashley graham sexy plus size model 2

The 26 year old model from Nebraska is actually featured in an advert for Swimsuits for all, which is featured in Sports Illustrated, however she will also have her own feature on the annual swimsuit edition which has seen some of the hottest women on the planet gracing its covers.

Is this a sign of a change in perception?

I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too,’ the size 16 fashion star said of her ground-breaking campaign, said Ashley.

We sent out a message on facebook, and this was the response.

Here’s a look at her campaign for Swimsuits for All.


Leave your comments below, is plus size the new sexy?

By Leonard W Foster

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  1. It is great that they are finialy doing normal sized people she’s beautiful to. There might be none of this god I wish I looked like her or people worrying about there size anymore nice to see she’s had the guts to do it fair play to her xx

  2. Funny how the guys in the video all have slim slender physiques! Contradiction perhaps??? Are plus size men not attractive too?

    • This is the thing – you can’t be overweight and be fit and healthy. It’s just not possible! That said, all these women bashing slim women, in favour of “real women”… They don’t look at “real men” do they? Nope! They all want Channing Tatum, and then when he says no, it’s all “cos they want a size 8 barbie doll and can’t handle a real woman!” Stop being such hypocrites ladies. It’s a health mag, with an undoubtedly beautiful, yet still overweight model. It’s just not congruent!

      • How do you know she is overweight? You don’t know her height, her weight, or her BMI. Who’s to say she isn’t healthy? I think people should stop complaining and just love that we are able to see a company who showing off diversity in their ads. Yes women are all shapes and sizes. In the long run I would rather be overweight and happy then thin and miserable. And vise versa. As long as you are happy with who you are then there is nothing to complain about.

      • You actually can be overweight AND fit. Fit does not mean slim, it means healthy with proper exercise regime. Fir does not mean proper weight. You can not be in the weight range and overweight..overweight is ONLY a term used for weight alone..not health or fitness. You might be a person who does not understand this because you are neither an athlete OR a doctor OR a nutritionist…but, this is something that the medical profession now widely accepts.

  3. I love this at last a real girl that has an amazing figure.
    This is what today’s young girls should be looking at rather than the unhealthy twigs they try and aspire too be like.
    Ps if your looking for any more real girls my wife is perfect she’s 29 and a size 16 and top 12/14 and is 6foot tall . And stunning

    • Are you saying girls that don’t have curves or are skinny aren’t real girls? Because last I checked, we all have parts that indicate we’re not males if you catch my drift. I hate fat shaming but what you said in that comment is skinny shaming and it’s not okay. A woman no matter what shape is perfect and those “skinny twigs” have feelings and PROBABLY WORK REALLY HARD FOR THEIR BODY or have a fast metabolism .-.

  4. Curves are sexy and there’s so much more to love it’s great to see a curvy sexy women in a bikini instead of been expected to cover up and hide our bodies. Go the sexy curves be proud!!

    • I agree with you on that point Rob 100% I guess though when it comes to fashion and advertising, women dominate that field. If it came to an “overweight” guy with damn hot eyes then he would win it for me 😀

    • My only thought would be, if they used plus-sized male models too, it promotes the idea that only plus-sized men would like a plus-sized woman. I don’t see where size matters in either gender.

  5. She looks amazing, and yes plus size women should be proud of their bodies. But can anyone say that without slating thin women?! EVERY woman should be proud of their bodies, whether they’re stick thin or huge. Not everyone can change their bodies, big or small nobody has complete control over the way they look. So yes it’s great that this woman has been given this opportunity. I’m happy for her, just quit with the skinny shaming in the comments. It’s just as bad as those who doubt this woman due to her body.

  6. She looks far healthier and happier than the skinny woman in the same bikini. She is not overweight just curvaceous. The obsession with thin has got to stop. It is so unhealthy on all levels

    • I think she isbeautiful, but it’s weird to say she looks happier, to me she has the exact same facial expression and physical behavior as any other bikini model. She is in a Commercial, which Means she is trying to sell something, this is not her, just as any Kate Moss Commercial isn’t Kate Moss. Models do very much acting to get the right ‘feel’, so that the customer seeing the ad hopefully will buy it. This is just another woman using her looks to sell a product for a Company, nothing else

  7. Not fair that they call her plus size. She looks great. Other models are just called models not “skinny size” or “small size” she should just be acknowledged as a mode

  8. Its inner beauty that matters, people need to stop creating an idea of what’s socially accepted. We are all beautifully unique, and it is time that we accept ourselves! well done lady, you look stunning!


  10. It’s a myth that men like skinny girls! No man wants a size 6 woman with an arse like a 10 year old boy! Gotta have a bit of junk in ya trunk! An this girl is gorgeous 🙂

    • wow… when I was overweight in grad school, I never had a boyfriend, no one wanted to dance with me and no guy ever seemed to show me any interest what so ever.. Now, when I have lost 40 Pounds, I’ve had two boyfriends and I can, if I’m Lucky, turn some heads while walking Down the street or going at it on the dance floor. But still I’m not allowed to be ‘attractive’, because now it’s trendy to have junk in the trunk and ‘real women have curves’. Even when I was 40 Pounds heavier my breast were small and my ass wasn’t ‘bootylicious’. If you like big wonderful women, Amen to that, but just now, that we, the ‘skinny girls’ with ‘arses like a 10 year old boy’ also has feelings and also want to feel feminine and beautiful with the body type we have

  11. I agree, why call this plus size…Why won’t we call anorexic models no- size! The unhealthy skinny models will never represent any women. It makes all young girls so insecure and even sick….And the discussion about real women… Real women are so diverse that we shouldn’t stick to just one form or shape!! Let’s show all kinds of women!! And to hell with photoshop!!!!! Let’s be real then!!

  12. omfg quit with skinny bashing the entire world bashes woman that arent a size 2 , they always have, look at all the models in magazines, the world has always bashed bigger people be them male or female, and for once someone is calling this curvy gorgeous woman the norm and people are cllin it skinny bashing …well suck it up, if your offended maybe you should look in a mirror and see what the issue is ……

  13. Sorry, don’t slate me for my opinion but in my eyes this girl is clearly overweight. Curves are one thing but if this girl entered a doctors surgery she would measure as obese in the body fat index module and encouraged to lose weight especially when you take into account her age. Most women on here and some men think it is acceptable to slate thin women so if that is the case it is acceptable for me to say that this model is fat.

    • She is not fat. It is obvious that her height, weight and general appearance place her in the healthy weight range. We have become so inundated with the word “obese’ that we bandy it about randomly and without just cause. Let’s not forget that the “diet” and “weight loss” industry is a multi-billion dollar business based on the image of extremely thin woman. While some woman may naturally be small, others are naturally bigger… that does not make either unhealthy. Personally, I think she looks great! Well done Sports Illustrated!!!!

      • I have to say I’m sorry but this girl is over weight and lets not forget the fast food industry is a multi billion dollar industry aswell and I have studied nutrition and understand the body’s health also I don’t believe it’s ok to slander people for the body size but it is also unhealthy to promote being over weight as normal people should aim to be a ‘healthy’ weight because she would have issues down the track including heart, arteries and the problem of having excess fat cells present even if she looses her excess fat as fat cells never go away once created they are just emptied. People need to realize that the average weight has sky rocketed in the last fifty years to what is now an undeniably unhealthy levels and I believe that while you should be able to be happy with your body being overweight should not be branded as the healthy norm.

        • Wow you are wrong, she is beautiful, I look much like her, but a size 13 and my doctor says I’m healthy and not obese, I have wide hips and that won’t ever change especially after having kids, but to call her obese or overweight is so wrong. Having all these skinny size o models is an unrealistic woman, most women do not look like the so called healthy models, and most of those women are unhealthy due to starving them selves or they are balemic, is that healthy? I don’t think so. So many girls and young women look at these smaller models and destroy their selves trying to become like them. It destroys their self as team because they believe that’s what is beautiful and socially acceptable. I believe every womans body is different and beautiful in their own way. It comes to unhealthy when women are trying to have a body that they were not born to have. And it’s refreshing to have a woman modeling that is not a size 0 because it shows women of her same size that they are beautiful as well which promotes higher self confidence.

  14. I don’t like that she’s got to be classed as ‘plus size’ or other models as super skinny etc etc. I REALLY don’t like seeing so many comments about how men like this or men like that or men don’t like X. The fact of the matter is, men find all sorts of women attractive, some like thinner women, some like curvier women, some like men! Personally I like beautiful women, to me the body size isn’t an issue, the important things are nice long hair, the eyes and a mysterious smile! The rest just falls into place, and the most beautiful women of all always seem to be the ones that aren’t fighting their natural body shape, but accept themselves as they are.

  15. Heisenberg I think your taking offense because your thin. What you are not grasping is people are looking at a size 16 and saying see thin isn’t the”ONLY” body accepted. You can be healthy and happy at a larger size. Thin people have never been looked at in disgust. Yes you get told you are too skinny but degrading isn’t there. If this bothers you so much just don’t read the comments.

  16. She looks fab, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14/16 and that was never a problem. I have read the views what people have said and a few upset thinking the slender ladies or being trashed. Not the case it’s exciting for us plus girls to see they are now doing nice fashionable clothes for bigger ladies like myself and showing them off. It’s the modelling agencies that have the stigma about models being size 6 or smaller and models making themselves sick. This industry has to change because its not normal to be sick to look good, it’s not normal to be put down for being too big, too thin too tall etc. Let’s hope this is the turning point we all need. Whatever shape size is it not what’s inside that matters x

  17. now thats what i call a real woman not the pasty under nourished stick insects straight from bergen belsen

  18. I think that we should start celebrating ALL shapes and sizes. Clothes should be designed, sold and modelled for all. I am a size 16 pear shaped woman and have friends who vary from a tall hour glass to a shorter more petit physic….we all deserve to be able to buy clothes that make us feel sexy and one way of doing that is by being able to see models of all sizes wearing clothes for all shapes.

  19. According to her stats, she’s 5’9″ and weighs 170lbs, which puts her in the overweight category for her height. She’s actually carrying around 20 extra pounds more than she should. She can pull this off because she’s tall, if she was the average height for a woman (5′ 5″-5′ 6″) at this weight she’d be bordering clinically obese…

  20. I think it’s about time the world sat up and paid attention to the fact that the majority of the female population is not broom handle thin. My husband dislikes ‘skinny women’ to quote him, and much prefers someone with some softness and muscle tone. Just because you’re a plus size does not mean that you’re not fit. Or not strong. Or not healthy. It just means you’re a bigger size. And size is just a number. Thank goodness Sports Illustrated and like-minded ventures are breaking away from the size 0’s and realizing the market is full of real life women.

  21. She looks fab! Im glad there using different sizes for models, nobody has the same body shape we need a bit of variety! 😄 All women need to look at clothing & think could i wear that? So we need different sized women as models! They’re all beautiful anyway xx

  22. What makes me laugh most about this picture is that she is still airbrushed. Airbrushed to look smaller and flawless. Just doesn’t make sense, how about forget what size you are and just put REAL people on the front of magazines etc.

  23. The average North American woman is a size 14. Sizes changed over the years to make people feel better about themselves. For instance, in the 70/80’s a size 12 (UK) fitted a 34/24/34 figure a 14 would be for a 36″ bust etc. Nobody bitched about being in double digits as you could go into any shop pick up your size and know that it would fit.

  24. I’m not in agreement with advertisements that use anorexic models which perpetuate a warped ideal of the female body. You can all say this model is a realistic representation of American women, but she is OVERWEIGHT, so is anyone else her size. You are putting your health at risk.

  25. To start with everyone should have a great self esteem of them selves, key work SELF esteem!!! All women are beautiful, just because she is to big or to small or just not the type of woman your into doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful. People are so quick to bash someone because that’s not what they like. If they like skinny women they bash bigger women, if they like big curvy women they bash skinny women. It’s pretty pathetic to talk down on anyone that’s not up to your standards. She is a beautiful woman and it would be awesome to see more women of different shapes and sizes. People need to stop being so negative. If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all. God bless and love everyone 🙂

  26. If she is happy with her size then that is all that matters, but it does not take away the fact that she is overweight probably by at least 2 stone. Also Sophie had a good point. For the most people who are that overweight do not have smooth lines and flawless skin, airbrushing at work. The other part of the ad were these men are falling over themselves looking at her is also false. Look at them, these men live in the gym and to attain bodies like that stick to a healthy strict diet routine ( NOT diet, HEALTHY diet, not the same) and therefore would not be attracted to women of her size for the most part. There are men who find this model sexy and that’s great. For me she is beautiful but not sexy. Lets be clear, to carry this much weight is definitely NOT healthy and please stop making references to Marilyn Monroe as Marilyn’s weight, inches and overall body shape are not the same as the model in the ad, do your facts.

  27. sadly it appears that this is an advertising feature that was paid for, no SI picking her to be their model. It was the swimsuit company that paid SI to run these pics.

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