Fashion make-up artist Lea James gives Flavour a round-up of the four key current beauty trends.  It is the season for showcasing new trends, inspired by fashion week. With the recession in the forefront of the news, it is nice to know it’s not all doom and gloom in the world, so let the following make-up tips brighten your day as well as your face.

Season update
Some of the strongest features observed were matte bases with sculptured cheeks and concealer added to the eye lid to provide a flawless finish. To complete the soft feminine look it was combined with washes of sepia or copper.  Nevertheless you can also opt for an ultra modern edgy twist on the lips using hot pinks, vibrant violets and blood reds.

To keep on trend why not try;

It’s all about base
Tip 1: To select a matte base go for a compact powder, it makes light work for a girl on the go!! Try a 3 in one foundation, powder and concealer by Jane Iredale. It boosts a huge array of colours to suit all skin tones at £29.93. It also contains minerals so is first-rate for sensitive skins.

Tip 2: To sculpt the cheeks place a matte darker shade under the cheek bones, try blusher in almond, spice, or brown berry from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at £15.66.

It’s in the eyes
Tip 3: The eyes have an entire wash of nude colour. Try ‘Beige Cashmere’ or ‘Mythology’ by MAC Cosmetics at £9.79.

For the minx effect
Tip 4: Present lips with a bold statement by way of hot pink with ‘Girl About Town’ also by MAC at £11.26.


Words by Lea James, photography by Terri Lee-Shield