After training at the New York Film Academy Los Angeles actress Alexandra Johnston, returned to London and landed one of leads in feature film Tamla Rose, which was screened at Cannes Film festival 2013. With a strong background in dance Alexandra along with co star Adi Alfa also created the choreography for the northern soul based film. Alexandra’s latest feature Ortega is set to premiere in April and after taking some time to travel she is back and working on a documentary series. Check out her beauty tips below and look out for our full photo shoot and interview coming to soon.

Describe your style.
My style changes with my mood and what I’m doing… I’ve just come back from travelling Australia and New Zealand with my sister so I’m still in beach mode, I just want to wear my holiday clothes all the time! but on a day to day basis I don’t like anything to fussy I like to keep it simple and then maybe add statement jewellery or a bold lip.

Which celebrities do you think get it right style wise?
I love Rita Ora’s style, I wish I had the confidence to wear some of the stuff she does.

Are you a high street girl or a designer clothes diva?
I think it’s nice to have a bit of both! I love my high street shops but I think any girl enjoys a bit of designer to!


Are you a natural beauty or would you find it hard to live without hair, eyelashes, nails…?
I definitely wouldn’t say I’m a natural beauty, but I feel uncomfortable with extensions and lashes on… knowing me I’d be walking round with them hanging of! I love being on holiday so I don’t have to do any hair and make up!

If you had to choose three beauty products to take with you to a desert island, what would they be?
Mmm… I think It would be my Clarins hydrating moisturiser, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and my Mac concealer.

You have great skin, how do you maintain it?
Thank you, my mum always drilled it into me to always take my make up of before bed and lots of water. I don’t do anything to drastic, just cleanse tone and moisturise.

What’s your favourite lipstick brand?
MAC… I have way to many. I love the Creme’de’nude and Lady Danger.

What’s your favourite makeup brand?
MAC, my sisters, mum and I all wear the same so there’s always arguments because we’ve stolen each others thinking it was ours, we love it!

What’s your favourite underwear brand?
I have a slight obsession with Victoria Secret and their Angels! I get so excited every year to watch their fashion show!

Do you have a favourite body part?
Haha not really… Mmm my hair?

What makes you feel sexy?
When i’m on the cross trainer in the gym listening to Beyonce!

Follow Alexandra on twitter: @MissAlexaJ
Photography by Arron Dunworth
Styling by Nathan Klein
Make up by Latona Roberts
Hair by Veowna Charles
Dresses courtesy of Icandy Mode