skin care

Maintaining our skin is a difficult task nowadays. With some many environmental factors to consider such as dust particles and air conditioning units drying out our skin, it’s hard to know what is going to help and what isn’t.

If your skin is sensitive you have to be particularly careful as many products on the market can make your skin irritable or become damaged. Here are some of our top beauty tips for those with sensitive skin.

Look at your skincare routine & products

Quite often we don’t take a proper look at what we’re washing our faces with. Those with sensitive skin need to take extra care as over exfoliating with harsh products or chemicals can lead to an increase in spots or red patches. When looking at the ingredients in your new skincare look for the likes of aloe vera, chamomile extract and marshmallow extract (not the sweet treat don’t worry!). These ingredients have calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which should help your skin while cleansing and removing any makeup.

If you’re scrubbing vigorously then stop. This can harm and be detrimental to sensitive skin. When washing either use a soft towel, muslin cloth or makeup pads to remove any dirt before patting your skin dry.

Create your own products

If you’re struggling to find products that work for your skin worry not. You could always create your own serum using a range of natural products mixed with essential oils from Neal’s Yard. The best bases are those that include avocado oil and almond oil for those with sensitive skin. Once your serum has been created you can use 1-3 drops every morning and evening, smoothing the oil over your face and neck. With all the natural ingredients packed in, you’ll have the perfect homemade sensitive skin product in no time!

Shake up your makeup

If your skin is delicate you should always choose makeup which is fragrance-free. This is because a lot of the cosmetics with fragrances in often react to sensitive skin and create more problems than it’s worth. Products with a creamy texture are often better for those with sensitive and dry skin. You could even go for products like tinted BB moisturisers which are great for enhancing your skin while also hydrating and illuminating. If you feel as though you need more coverage than a BB cream, use a protective liquid foundation to create a smooth and softening base.

Looking after our skin should be one of the highest priorities, after all, we only get “one skin” in our lifetime. It battles with so much on a daily basis so treat it to some homemade skincare products using essential oils and revamp your makeup collection to give it the daily care it deserves.