The X-Factor GirlsThis month’s Beauty Insiders are girl group Hope. After the whole X-factor frenzy, Flavour caught up with the girls to find out the beauty secrets to their flawless looks.

How was your time on the X-Factor?
It was just amazing – I still can’t believe from the first audition how far we have come from solo artists to a band it just means the world to be making it with all the girls.

What have you been up to since you left X-factor?
Charlie: We have been gigging all over London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Things are starting to slow down because of the tour but it will be a fantastic experience.
Phoebe: We have had such a great time doing events and photo shoots. We can’t wait to go on tour.

Watching you girls perform every week on X-Factor, its fair to say that you’ve all mastered the art of looking good on stage. What are your most treasured beauty tips?
Raquelle: Lip-gloss. We love Fake Bake and Mac lip-gloss.
Charlie: Drinking lots of water to hydrate your skin.
Phoebe: I like exfoliating, it keeps your skin soft and makes you glow and it’s not expensive.

What’s your usual beauty routine in the morning?
Raquelle: I cleanse my face and put on some tinted moisturiser. I wear little make up in the day to let my skin breathe.
Charlie: I cleanse and tone with Liz Earl and moisturise.

What essential items do your make up bags consist of?
Raquelle: Lip-gloss, a hairbrush and perfume by Nina Ricci.
Charlie: Mac bronzer. Anything that gives me a glow.
Phoebe: YSL mascara and foundation. Mac lip-gloss, Benefit blusher and eye shadow.
Emily: Bronzer, Mascara and eyeliner.

Do you have any embarrassing beauty secrets to reveal?
Raquelle: Toothpaste on spots! It really does the trick.
Phoebe: I used to shave my eyebrows and I even sometimes put Ketchup on my hair because it leaves it so soft when you wash it out.

What’s the worst beauty/make up trend you’ve worn?
Charlie: I had to wear this bright blue eye shadow that looked bad in person but amazing in pictures and I had to walk through central London looking a bit over the top.
Phoebe: I hated the all-in-one latex cat suits we had to wear – they made us look a lot bigger than we actually are.
Raquelle: I once wore blue mascara, with blue contacts. Not a good look!
Phoebe: (Laughs) Oh and we all brought our foundation a shade too dark – so I was walking around with an orange face.

What are the future plans for Hope?
Charlie: We are concentrating on the tour and making sure we go down well with our fans.
Emily: The future plans for hope are the X Factor tour which I can’t wait. We are opening it and performing in Wembley has always been my dream to say ‘ Thank you Wembley’. We want to sign a deal and then we will be able to get into the studio.

Words by Augusta Ettarh


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