Hailing from NYC, Bebe Rexha is the next big thing and indeed the next big female artist.

A triple threat artist being a; singer, songwriter and a dancer the Warner signed artist is someone you know without actually knowing -at least that is the case here in the UK.

Having signed with Warner in 2013 Bebe has gone on to write for some of the biggest names in the music scene right now from; Eminem  on his global smash Monster  (2013) which featured Rihanna right through to David Guetta on his track Hey Mama (2015) which she co-wrote.

Having built a name synonymous with hits, Bebe finally dropped her own ep I Don’t Wanna Grow Up in 2015 which has already had some successful tracks like the dark I’m Gonna Show You Crazy.  

Currently on a huge Warp 43 date Tour, Bebe took a bit of time out to chat with yours truly.

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How was your recent London show for you?

It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go back to London, it wasn’t long enough. It’s amazing to be traveling and connecting with fans so far from where I live. London is fresh. It was a great time. 

Now I have to say that from the ‘I’m Gonna Show You Crazy’ video you are clearly a ball of creative fire, who inspired you? 

Life in general inspires me but artists like; Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Cold Play and Kanye obviously have had a huge influence on the music I make.

You have written for so many massive names. Tell us about how you go about song writing… do you need to be inspired or can you literally be asked to do something and just do it?

Honestly every song I write starts out for myself so I never go into it trying to make it anything. I write about my life and that’s inspiring to me. 

Monster was indeed a monster of a tune. That must have been hugely exciting?

I wrote that song as therapy for me so to see it go on and become something that many people have heard now, is definitely exciting. 

Did Monster kick start all those other writing projects like Pitbull, Usher etc?

Monster did give me writing credibility with big names in the industry. It opened more doors and allowed me to say what I want with my artistry. 

Going To Show You Crazy is quite a defiant but also candid track-how personal is this track to your own life and how important was it for you to do this track?

bebe 4

I wrote I’m Gonna Show You Crazy at a really dark time in my life. Looking back it’s amazing how that song got me through it. I’m happy now to have this song to help other people. The response has been incredible. 

It’s huge, you’re in the middle of doing 43 dates for the Warped Tour. How do you cope with that type of schedule?

Warp Tour is a definite grind. Everyone tells me it’s boot camp for any great artist. They weren’t kidding. Tons of water and sleep when you can is the secret. 

Is the reality of being a singer who is now achieving global success different to how you imagined and if so how? 

It’s even better than I’ve imagined, my fans are my everything!

You opened for Usher- was this a dream come true?

It was cool! I respect Usher so much. He’s accomplished a lot as an artist and is still here doing what he loves, so I was honored. 

Lastly plans for the year what can we expect?

After the Warp Tour I’ll be touring with Nick Jonas. I’m also releasing new music and my debut album before the New Year so stay tuned! Xoxo 

(Photo credits: Nikko La Mere)