Binghi’s Boutique is the place to find unique styles of clothing for both men and women.

What’s unique about your line?

My USP is that I can work with you. I can work my designs to fit your needs. So if you have bought a brand new pair of trainers and need a T-shirt to match, I can do that! When I create a design for you from scratch, each new design will be limited to 50 items! I have an incentive scheme: if you think of a one-off T-shirt design you want made for yourself, I’ll post the picture up on the website and if anyone orders it you’ll receive £5 towards your next order. Sell 100 items and that’s a lot of credit you get to spend with me!

A lot of your T-shirts have men hating slogan’s on them? Why??

No they don’t! I have a girls-against-wastemen T-shirt, but that isn’t man-hating, that’s making a point about wastemen – and let’s face it, there are a lot of them out there. I have actually worn my T-shirt out and had guy’s say ‘why you hating on men,’ my response is always are you a wasteman? If you’re not, you really don’t have anything to worry about..

What’s been the highlight so far?

I’m also a rapper, so the highlight for me so far, is doing a PA at a nightclub a few weeks’ back and I counted seven people wearing my T-shirts. I also spotted one guy having his pictures taken by some girls because they loved his T-shirt so much. It feels good when I see how much people like my art.

What motivates you?

What motivates me the most is being my own boss. When you give up work to put 100% effort into your own company, it is really scary. But the motivation is waking up everyday and getting myself to work and using my time effectively to get through a day’s duties.

Is there anybody out there trying to copy your style?
It’s hard to prove that people are copying your designs, as a lot of people have similar ideas. Under my other brand Bgirlsclub, we had a limited edition T-shirt out last year and we completely sold out. Then this year, it was bought to my attention that Sean John has launched a ladies range and has the exact same T-shirt as mine – only he has put his name on it instead of Bgirl’s. But as I said, you can’t prove people have been copying your work. It’s not easy. The way I see it is great minds think alike. Some a year later, but it’s still a compliment!

Where are you working from?
I started off working from home, taking over the whole house and clogging up my living room with all my equipment. However I just recently found a premises so I should be moving in there soon. I’m very pleased I can actually watch The Bill in peace and not feel compelled to start printing stuff. It’s a real luxury.

Tell me what happens during a typical day in your life?
I usually start work around 9.30am and I check emails and voicemails and I have an order book that I work through so I can get them completed by lunchtime to catch the post. I have a work experience person at the moment, who does the post run among other things which helps a lot. I go to the wholesalers, then head back to the office to get through more orders. In between that, I’m uploading info to my website, designing new tees and taking a lot of pictures of all my stock. I finish work about 9pm. I fit my music commitments in this schedule when I get a spare hour or two and I also update my interactive website that’s exclusive to ladies. I’m always busy.

What is the most common thing that people like to see on their T-shirts?

Everybody always wants their name on their T-shirt.

Words by Annika Allen

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