Body Gossip is a national positive body image movement that has invited people all over the world to write their story about their body and share it with other people. Body Gossip has showcased these stories in theatre events and short films performed by a cast of well-known actors, and has a simple yet incredibly effective goal: Body Gossip encourages people to initially think about their bodies more, in order to eventually think about them less.

Now, for the first time, we are compiling a selection of these stories for the first ever Body Gossip book. The Body Gossip Book will be written by people like you, about your body. Whether anonymously or not, writing your story can provide relief and self acceptance to you, and strength and comfort to others who can relate to your experiences. It can also provide laughter and warmth; we are looking for positive experiences too! Your voice can be in the form of a straightforward story, a monologue, stream of consciousness, poem, script, or however you want to share. Maximum story length 1,500 words – no minimum, it can be as short as you like!

The success of Body Gossip lies in the empowerment and courage that a story written by one person in the UK can give to thousands of people reading it all over the world. Body Gossip also works in association with many leading charities, including Beat and the National Osteoporosis Society. Please consider donating your own story.

For more information (including some inspiration on what to write about) and to submit your story, please visit