When it comes to self-help books I have read them all. Call me the self-help book guru if you like! One of the books that has gained massive exposure and success is Rhonda Byrne’s second offering ‘The Power’ this is supposed to be the sequel to the ever popular ‘The Secret.’

I personally feel that The Secret is a better book. Do not get me wrong though, it does have some great insights, and if you are looking to give your life a kick-start, this is a good place to start. I say this because the book is written in a very simple, straightforward format. Some self-help books make you feel like you need to dust off your old Oxford Dictionary before you can even begin to understand what they are going on about. However, with the ‘The Power’ it is pretty light hearted, Rhonda Byrne explains how we all have the power within us to achieve massive success, in relationships, career, emotionally and physically. She explains how we can begin to harness our own inner power by simply tapping into this so called power.

What is this Power?

The Power is supposed to be present within every living being on the planet, it points to love and positivity. Therefore, what Rhonda Byrne is saying is we need to capture our own inner power by constantly thinking positive and believing we can live the best life possible. This basically means eliminating all negative thoughts. This all sounds great, but one thing a lot of self-help books do is make it appear so easy to banish all negative thoughts. From my own experience with many self-help books, I can say that at first it does take time to focus your mind and banish negative thoughts but it is possible.

The Power can help you to start putting your plans into action, it can give you the tools you need, or a starter kit, so to speak. If you have never read a self-help book before, read this one first. Unlike ‘The Secret’ there are no insights from other authors. Rhonda Byrne pretty much pours over chapter after chapter of the same thing put in a different way. Having said this, I much prefer her first effort, even though the book does not tell you anything new. The majority of the content in ‘The Secret’ and in the ‘The Power’ is just information that other authors have been mulling over for years.

Sure enough, thinking positive and believing in your own power can help you achieve your goals, and can even help you totally transform your life. However, one thing I always like to tell people who are avid readers of self-help books is this, you can read all you like but if you do not put it into practice there is no point. Therefore, if you want to go out and buy ‘The Power,’ make sure you actually practice the teachings that lie within its pages; otherwise you will just be wasting your time. Overall it is a well written, easy to understand self-motivational book and, yes I do recommend it to anyone who has a dream.

Keep your dreams alive and look out for my next blog where I will be reviewing The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

Blog by Edina Jackson-Damoah