motorised monitor lift

Automated monitor lifts aim at raising and lowering (usually quite massive TV screens) to hide them out of sight, behind the bureau or console. This allows transforming simple at the first glance place into a secret hide.

Hence, the TV screen now can be installed almost anywhere – behind fireplace mantles, walls, and sideboards. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This particular DIY technology can easily be constructed by the amateur who never dealt with the mounting of the home automated entertainment display.

Taking into account the significant amount of information people obtain visually nowadays – large home TV plays far not the least important role in people’s life. There are a variety of reasons why one might come to the conclusion that the TV monitor must be hidden from sight with a possibility to be lifted anytime needed. For example, the modern 45-inch TV screen might be incompatible with some old-fashioned and retro-alike interiors. Or lack of free space may force the house owner to decide to hide the monitor with the help of automated TV lift. This technology is relatively cheap and provides a chance for saving a lot of space as well as provide the functionality of transforming the house interior. The best thing about using electric linear actuators for household purposes of automation is their price. For the relatively small price, a house owner gets a wide spectrum of usage. Actuators can be applied anywhere in the bedroom, in the guestroom, and even in the kitchen. In addition, this technology does not need a rocket scientist to be installed for domestic purposes with a common set of tools.

Progressive Automations’ 12-volt linear actuator jointly with your TV screen and a few other spare parts will make your dream of the fully automated TV screen with a remote control real. All you need are either metal or wooden frame to hold your monitor, electric linear actuator for the elevation of the monitor, few guide rails taken from some unneeded old nightstand and a switch for regulations of the actuator. In each case, the template of a mechanism for monitor elevation may be different but the principle remains the same – TV screen is always moved by the motor-driven system. However, this gives the space for variations. This technology may be implemented to move the screen down from the ceiling or to lift it from behind the chest of drawers. All depends on the owner.

The first thing to do is the measurement of the monitor, which you will use for your DIY project. Then you need to cut a rectangular hole in the bottom of your kitchen set with a margin large enough so that the monitor could move through smoothly. If you want, you can make a spring door so that the monitor could open it when moving down from the kitchen set.

From the back, the monitor must be attached to some mount to fit it to the guide rails. Even a rectangular piece of plywood can be taken for this purpose. Drill a few holes for the monitor mounting and a few for the guide rails.

The electric linear actuator must be fixed inside the kitchen set as well if you use the roller block or above the whole construction if not. The actuator raises the TV monitor by the cable attached to it. The electrical relay provides the reverse drive when changing the polarity. In other words, it allows the actuator to perform the two-way linear movement.

Finally, after everything was constructed, joined together, and the electric relay was plugged to some electric battery – the system is ready to make you proud of your creativity. If necessary, the length of cable anytime can be adjusted. If everything suits your parameters – enjoy your work. Now your house will shine with unusual functionality, which will bring you comfort and joy each time when watching favourite TV shows.