C Scarlet

Dreaming of pursuing a music career her entire life, ‘Angel in the Making’ is the realisation of C Scarlet’s dream. The five-track debut EP ranges from R&B to Trap, all inspired by past life experiences.

Influenced by The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko and Rihanna, C Scarlet pours her inspirations into her beats and channelling Rihanna into her vocal performance. ‘Angel in the Making’ will give audiences an honest insight into the journey of C Scarlet, and the ups and downs that have turned her into the artist we hear today.

C Scarlet’s musical journey took on a new lease of life when she returned to the UK after living in Spain for a few years. Imbued with fresh inspirations from her time living abroad, she has honed her sound, staying true to her roots and creating a sense of nostalgia in her songs. Her debut EP is the beginning of a new chapter for exciting emerging talent C Scarlet.

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