Jöí Fabü

‘Angels Over Area 51’ is the latest release to come from young emerging artist Jöí Fabü who fuses electronic and pop influences into his hip hop orientated sound.

Inspired by everyone around him and his peers in the music industry, the album tracks his ambitions and his energy for creating music. Written and recorded in his home studio, ‘Angels Over Area 51’ is a 14 track solo album, outlining his plans for superstardom.

Citing Eminem and Lil Wayne as his influences, Jöí Fabü, knew from a young age that he wanted to be a star, a dream which he has instilled into his music. A self-taught producer and musician, he creates music at home with his Macbook Pro. With each song catchier than the last, Jöí Fabü draws inspiration from hip hop, pop and R&B.

Listen Here  –  Release Date: 10th July