London 25th of April Team Cap and Team Ironman came together in a central London location to hold a fun filled press conference ahead of the Captain America: Civil War star-studded Premiere.

The press conference for Captain America: Civil War was hosted by Edith Bowman and lead by the confident and charming Robert Downey Jr. and a bearded Chris Evans followed by a number of other cast members such as Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Emily Van Camp and Daniel Bruhl, Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and Producer Kevin Feige.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo – who direct most of their work as a pair and are known for their work on comedy series Arrested Development as well Captain America: The Winter Soldier – refer to themselves as action fetishes but feel that it has to be a strong expressive of narrative and character that’s how they find their way through. This movie had such an amazing cast, all of those moves revolve around how we’re pushing those characters through the movie on a storytelling level.

The press conference was full of hilarity showing the cast have as much fun together off set as they do while filming. This was all started off with the very charismatic Robert Downey Jr. Who wasn’t quite ready for the onslaught of questions, asking the room full of journalists if they could all turn around for half an hour until he was back in his body.

Producer Kevin Feige was asked if he could have one superhero in real life to help with our world problems he struggled to answer until Paul Bettany piped up saying it wasn’t that hard a question, hinting that it should be his character Vision.

Emily VanCamp stated that in the comic book Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter had a very interesting and complicated love affair. She loved finding that out during her research for her character but doesn’t know how far they will go with that in the series of films.

Robert Downey Jr. On working with the new Spiderman, Tom Holland said well now that two out of three Spidermen are English I’ve really gotta talk Maguire off the ledge. Anyone that experienced him knows he isn’t a work in progress, he really is something else. The way in which folks react, he really came on with a bang, there is a lot of excitement as to what will happen when he holds his own.

Anthony Mackie who portrays Falcon doesn’t have Superhero powers when asked how he contributes to the Superhero battle states it’s a lot of leg workouts. I have it in my contract that I have two behind shots, it’s all thighs and quads which lead the conference into hilarity as it descended into chaos with Paul Bettany and Jeremy Renner.

The cast was asked if when they got the script they were happy with the team they were on Chris Evans stated he would have wanted to be on Team Ironman. If I had to switch powers it would be Vision…Not switching make-up, though. For ability alone you can’t beat Vision he has an infinity stone in his head, I don’t know how you top that.

Captain America: Civil War is out in UK Cinemas 29 April.