Carnivals coming, you know what that means don’t ‘ya. It’s time to get bright and bold, it’a time for CARNIVAL MAKEUP!

I have written about Sleek Makeup before, it is still one of my fave’ high street brands. So when I saw the Rio Rio palette I couldn’t resist. I was standing there in Superdrug having tried  every colour of this palette on every finger, when I thought to myself these shadows are beautiful…. I think I love them even more than the last palette I bought, Garden of Eden, and before you now it I had purchased this beauty, and was on my merry way.

I created two looks for you guys. The first look is pretty bright, but the colours work really well together.

sleek rio rio palette, bright carnival eye make up

  • I first used a eyeshadow primer, to make the colours pop even more. I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Strawberry Milk.
  • Follow the diagram for the eyeshadow placement.
  • I started with the darker shadow called Ipanema, blending it from the outer corner and into the crease, and blending upwards
  • With the other colours I then carefully patted them on.
  • To complete this look I used Benefits the Pore Fessional as my face primer
  • Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation in 3.5
  • Bobby Browns bronzer
  • Maybelline Shocking Coral in 910
  • Mac’s Mineralize Blush in Gleeful
  • Loreal Super Liner, Perfect Slim
  • Rimmel Wonderful Mascara with Argan oil

sleek rio rio palette makeup, bright pink and gold carnival eyes

sleek rio rio pallette

For the second Look, I wanted to mix it up and put the emphases on the lower lash line with this tropical inspired colour combo. This was a really simple and easy to achieve look, and literally took 5 minutes. I did use a  medium matt brown shadow in the crease line to add depth but otherwise the rest of the shadows are from this palette. Another idea if your not feeling the green Caipirinha shadow, you could swap it with the blue Leme shadow.

sleek rio rio palette, tropical eye make up look

  • I used and NYX Eye pencil in Moss 929 to line the lower lash line first
  • I then placed the green Caipirinha on top
  • The rest of the face I used the same products as above in look 1 with the exception of the liquid eye liner and the Bobby Brown Bronzer.
  • Simples

sleek rio rio makeup palette

Review This is another Great Palette from Sleek, I think the colour combinations are very complimentary to one and other. It’s definately a pallet for the brave and colourful, but then it is inspired by the vivid landscape of Rio. Good texture, really good price at £7.99 from superdrugs. Well worth a whirl.

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Written by the Effervescent Tilly Li