catchthebeatFlavour are giving away this musically historic book to one lucky reader!

Soul Underground covered the explosion in dance music and club culture of the 1980s and 90s in a way that no other publication was able to. In an era that gave us rare groove, go-go, hip hop and house, the magazine delivered consistently brilliant writing about the artists, DJs and clubs at the heart of these scenes (which established titles like NME and Melody Maker largely sidelined).

SU’s editor David Lubich has collected the best pieces from the magazine as well as all its charts, rare photos and hand-picked news stories. Catch The Beat is a unique and evocative record. It was the first to interview many artists who later became stars, as well as covering scores of influential DJs and producers who were otherwise ignored. For clubbers, DJs and record collectors this is an essential time capsule.

• Massive support from former contributors, including Radio 1’s Judge Jules.
• over 200 collectors’ charts
• Huge ‘warehouse reunion’ launch parties planned for London and Manchester.

This is a beautiful coffee table book, published by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton, documenting the birth of black music culture and the underground warehouse rave scene in the UK from 1987-91. Populated with stunning photography of all the fashions and first-time interviews with the legends of the time, it goes beyond the music itself to the trends and subcultures that were finding their feet. Revealing truths about racist door policies, the dance scenes in Rio and New York and investigates the rapid growth of rap music in East Germany months after the Berlin wall came down.

The content is completely historical, so the excitement is in immersing yourself in that amazing time, of seeing legends at the start of their careers, and following the roots of today’s dance music. For record collectors and music fans in general, this is an essential time capsule and a great Christmas present.

To win this book, simply email your name, address and number, to Competition closes on 16th December. Good luck!