Monday, December 11, 2023


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Mazda MX-5 2.0 Review – The epitome of Mazda’s tagline Zoom-Zoom.

mazda mx5 review

We had the pleasure of test driving the awesome new Mazda MX5- 2.0 litre convertible for 7 days. On a first glance you will see that the Mazda MX5 has more curves than Kim Kardashian West, more eloquence than Kate Middleton, more brut force than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and the actual drive of the car gives you that feeling of being Vin Diesel is...

An American Pickle Review

An American Pickle

Seth Rogen takes on a double role in his latest Jew-baiting comedy, full of all-knowing comedy of the crunchy satirical type. Simon Rich has adapted his story for a feature-length film where the cracks start to appear and lull in the witty banter soon dry up as it ventures down that old familiar emotional family rollercoaster ride.Opening in 1919 in...

Blithe Spirit Review

Blithe Spirit

A cheap version of Death Becomes Her that has all the humour of a dead wet fish. A revival of a Noel Coward play, one in which has been done to an untimely death whether on stage or screen, would see the famed playwright ultimately turn in his grave for this butchered adaptation.  A cheap version of Death Becomes Her...