The Stewarton Fund Charity Fashion Show held on November 14th at Karibu Education Centre, Brixton was a roaring success raising £4,224.50 (565,373.15 JMD) to aid an impoverished nursery school in Clarendon, Jamaica called the Stewarton Early Childhood Centre.

Beautiful models wearing the fashion lines DZaina, House of Esther and Danielle Morgan London strutted the catwalk to a packed crowd at the event which was sponsored by Grace Foods UK, SN Travel and Refill Restaurant.

Stewarton Early Childhood Centre is the only school in the area and contains a whooping 82 children in a single classroom of a dilapidated building with a severely damaged roof from the last major hurricane. The ceilings are collapsing, the toilet facilities dire, and the 3-5 year old pupils struggle to climb onto old rusty chairs that tower over their tiny frames.

1 corner of classroom teacher  & some pupils little girls stand under school sign girl in classroom Photo0185Since the event they charity has replaced the cistern tank, giving the school access to clean water, and plans to supply learning materials, uniforms, in addition to fixing the damaged roof and collapsing ceilings, as well as other building repairs.

The charity are continuing fundraising efforts and accept donations, with events planned for the new year to raise enough to extend the school building to suitably accommodate all 82 children, we are aiming to begin the building extension by the end of next year, 2010.

Photography by Jite Ugono for Picselate and Greg McLean for GMPhotos






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