Peachy Pink – a new range of slimming and cellulite combating underwear is taking the UK by storm since the makers had 50 real women keen to beat their cellulite march through the streets of London.

cellulite_pantsThe clinically proven slimming and shaping anti-cellulite pants and leggings have just gone on sale in Debenhams stores across the country and have been flying off the shelve sin the lea upto the party season.

The Peachy Pink range called “PeachyBody,” works with the natural movements of the body.

It has a unique patented 3D wave weave knit which is designed to massage the skin whilst releasing its microencapsualted active natural ingredients such as peaches, green tea and coffee beans which work together with the wave weave knit to flush toxins from the body.

Active ingredients in all Peachy Pink garments last for a minimum of twenty washes but the patented 3D wave weave knit continues working for the lifetime of the product.

Extensive clinical to helped women instantly lose between 1-3 inches

It is estimated that nearly 90% of women in the UK

Peachy Pink is the brainchild of Shazia Awan who was so fed up with problem cellulite that she embarked on a journey to find an easy to wear solution.

The PeachyBody range really helps reduce cellulite in a completely natural way. It also helps shape you in all the right places, lifting your thighs and buttocks.”

They can even be worn under skinny jeans or any outfit really and are incredibly lightweight and comfortable.”

With Christmas parties fast approaching, shapewear is more in demand than ever

Words by Lea James