Volvo trucks are really pushing the boundaries of advertising campaigns. In this video we see Charlie the hamster steering a 15 tonne Volvo FMX truck up a steep winding hill in a Spanish quarry, in order to showcase Volvo Dynamic Steering. “I can assure you that this is for real – the hamster really can steer the truck,” says Sten Ragnhult, Volvo Trucks engineer, on site in Spain during the test. #TheHamsterStunt is one of many spectacular tests involving Volvo Trucks’ new models. In #TheHook Volvo Trucks President Claes Nilsson balances on the front panel of a Volvo FMX as it dangles 20 metres above the ground. In ‘The Ballerina Stunt’ slackliner Faith Dickey balances between two Volvo FHs driving on a motorway.

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