Depending on your age, you may remember our old school favourite martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme. If you do remember him then you will also remember movies like Kick Boxer, Blood Sport, No Retreat No Surrender and may more. Many a times we have seen Mr Van Damme doing the splits within his movies, this time his has taken it one step further with Volvo Trucks and has agreed to do the splits between 2 Volvo Trucks while they are driving backwards.

#TheEpicSplit is the sixth live test from Volvo Trucks. It follows on from previous viral hits which all showcase different outstanding features of the majestic vehicles. The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the remarkable stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

This is a new film from Volvo Trucks, demonstrating the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

Don’t miss the premiere on YouTube the 14th of November 2013:

More about Volvo Dynamic Steering:

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