Award winning rapper Chipmunk was joined by the Mayor of London Borris Johnson this morning at Access All Areas, a music seminar for young people organised as part of the Mayor’s Rhythm of London event in association with Small Green Shoots.

A wide variety of young people ages 16 to 25 attended this incredible event at the prestigious City Hall, allowing them to gain access to an exclusive free music seminar showcasing a wide range of music that proves why London is indeed a place to be right now, as our UK artists just keep getting better and better. It was the first event of its kind at the seat of London’s power and the opportunity to see live performances and gain first hand knowledge from the UK’s most influential artists, record labels, radio DJ’s, song writers and publishing companies.

The day was made up of special guests Boris Johnson, recording artist Chipmunk, Roll Deep, Sway, singer/songwriter and violinist Eska, Conductor and Orchestrator, Stephen Hussey, BBC Radio1/1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth, vocalist and Editor-in-Chief of SuperSuper magazine, Namalee Bolle along with many more.


There were performances from Eska who stimulated the crowd with her beautiful unique voice, Roll Deep who got the crowd moving outside in the sun shine, and Sway who never fails to deliver. This day was certainly a success and a memorable one as everyone that walked away from Access All Areas with more knowledge on the music industry then they came with.

Small Green Shoots Director Natalie Wade who was behind the event said: ‘We are proud to have had the opportunity to develop and deliver AAA for the Mayors Rhythm of London initiative. The sheer response we have had from the youth audience has shown us that this is a much in demand activity. We thank our industry supporters and look forward to working on similar projects with the GLA in the future.’

Towards the end of the day I could over hear some of the conversations going on by people, stating how much the Seminar had been very helpful and enlightening and that many questions that they had previously had been answered from the top people in the music business.

This seminar was certainly a highlight for everyone who attended. It was a fantastic chance to get the inside scoop from the people who are presently making it all happen. Check out the video for the the event by click on the link below.

Corporate: Small Green Shoots – Access All Areas 2011 from Mark J. Blackman on Vimeo.

Review by Natalie Joseph



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