classifiedIn support of his new album “Self Explanatory” due out on the 10th May, which includes the platinum selling “Oh Canada” and award winning “Anybody Listening”, Canadian MC Classified has announced a short UK tour covering the length of the country.

His only previous visit to these shores was in support of D12 last year, however due to the phenomenal response to his single “Quit While Youre Ahead”, he was detrmined to make the journey once again

Classified’s tour dates are as follows:

Manchester 14th May at The Roadhouse

Edinburgh 15th May at Medina supporting Large Professor

Belfast 16th May at Thompson’s supporting Icon the Mic King

London 18th May at Gramaphone. UK artists will be announced shortly. Free entry

There is already huge anticipation among the hiphop community for this rare visit, and the djs have been quick to add their props:

“Quit While You’re Ahead is one of my favourite hip hop tunes this year so far! Love the beat, love the lyrics and love the ride/flow too! Fav line Is “all da girls in the pum pum shorts”! Classified ridin da beat WELL on that bit right there!”
Manny Norte, Kiss FM

“I like what Class is about, SOLID BEATS, GREAT CONCEPTS WITH RELATABLE RHYMES, not the usual look at my chain b/s. I’m feelin Quit While Youre Ahead and the other tracks from the cd”
DJ 279 Choice FM

“The consistent high quality work artists like Classified put into Hip Hop is essential to the creative landscape in 2010. They are torchbearers for music from the soul, who counterbalance the contrived, corporate driven model for “rap” acts. with integrity”
DJ Sarah Love, BBC 1Xtra

The dates include a free event in London at The Gramaphone, 60 Commercial Street, Shoreditch on Tuesday 18th May which will also include a number of top UK hip hop dj and artist names, to be announced very shortly.

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