Rolling SoloHaving sprung into stardom with her two sisters, Cleo from the trio Cleopatra is now finding her way on her solo career. The spotlight has just gotten brighter and Flavour is the first to find out what’s up!

What have you been up to since Cleopatra’s heyday?
I chilled out for a while and had few years of not having much to do. I’ve been working on my career and planning my solo path.

Open your CD player…what’s in it?
Oh, Britney Spears!

Are you serious?
I actually really like her. She works with producers I’d really like to work with.

Who else do you want to work with?
Mutya Beuna, we met briefly at the Mobo’s. She keeps it real and is someone I could be friends with. She has an incredible talent with writing and has that American accent down.

Your favourite place to be in the world?
Probably Japan or Miami. I was in Miami for my 18th birthday although I couldn’t go out to the clubs. We [Cleopatra] were there doing a Covergirl shoot. It was lovely; it’s where I met my first proper boyfriend.

What do you look for in a partner?
Someone who is attractive to me of course; somebody that makes your heart skip a beat even from the way they might tilt their head. Someone who can keep me buzzing; he can’t be too sensible and willing to take a risk.

Where should he take you on a first date?
The first date should be something different, like rock climbing. I would personally like that, it would be wicked. I love adventure. He shouldn’t be too laid back or trying to be sexy. That’s really boring.

What music do you play to get you in the mood to party?
I love anything with harmonies. Maybe Michael Jackson or Earth Wind and Fire like Let’s Groove Tonight. I love JoJo. I think she is really underrated. There’s a song of hers I love called This Time. When it comes on and I’m in the car, I roll down the windows and crawl down the street.

Do you want your kids to be stars of the music world?
To be honest they will pick up on it anyway. TJ has taken a shine to the keyboard and Chika likes the guitar. Both sing extremely well. Everything they hear they sing with good pitch. I would prefer them to do something else, and concentrate on their education first. Music doesn’t always go that way. Music is short lived.

How painful was childbirth?
It’s damn painful. Women who haven’t had it and are still young…don’t do it. The first time wasn’t painful and I had an epidural in the last half hour. But TJ’s was a home birth and I didn’t’ realise how big his head was (laughs). But really, it’s nothing that a woman can’t handle. Women have the ability to control how we feel about pain. So many women have done it. So the second time I was adamant that I was going to be natural and gave birth at home.

Words by Selina Campbell


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