Bright N Beautiful Teens have launched a unique project aimed at helping underprivileged young ladies, from particularly Black, Asian and other ethnic minority backgrounds, to take steps in the right direction.

The scheme will run across the London boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney, and the project aims to break down the barriers that can surround education and employment, that many young people face. Bright N Beautiful is looking for successful females in various fields to act as mentors and help raise the self-esteem of our rising young stars. Providing the skills and expertise of professional business women within the community, the scheme also offers unique development opportunities for those who take on the mentor role. As a mentor you would be expected to meet up one day a week with your mentee to offer them essential support and guidance for between 4 and 6 weeks. You would also have regular telephone contact with a caseworker with whom you can discuss your young person’s progress. There are range of qualities and skills that the project needs from it strong female mentors, the kind of person who would be best suited to a role as a mentor will be empathetic, have emotional maturity, unwavering commitment to the project and of course masses of enthusiasm.

Even if you are not able to volunteer, there are lots of other ways to get involved. Also for young people, if you want more information please visit: