This Halloween, look out for a special treat from Channel 4 when they air new drama Top Boy. The four part series will be on throughout the week and features a line-up that is worth staying home for.

Rapper Kano stars in his first major acting role alongside Ashley Walters, Kierston Wareing and Malcolm Kamulete. The dark drama focuses on life in east London for young people living life on the edge and in the estates. In turn, it is a thrilling, heartfelt, real and simply gripping take on inner city gang culture.

13-year-old Ra’Nell finds it is already ready time to “step up and be a man” when his mentally ill mum is hospitalised, leaving him alone and having to fend for himself. His mum’s friend comes up with a plan to secure herself some money for her unborn child, tangling Ra’Nell into her dangerous scheme.

Meanwhile, Dushane (Walters) and Sully (Kano) are running a profitable if not invisible business. When Dushane meets dealer and ex-convict Bobby (Geoff Bell) his love for money and power makes him obsessed with earning more, becoming more… becoming The Top Boy.

As Dushane’s ambitions get larger, others around him have to pay the heavy price like his family, Ra’Nell’s best friend and other innocents; leading to devastating consequences.

The drama is fresh, raw and triumphantly hopeful with a cast full of new talent; don’t forget to check out the four part series starting on the 31 October on Channel 4.
Top Boy – The Mixtape by LivityUK



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