If you thought that men wouldn’t do a practically all male chat show, then think again and check out Cut The Chat – the new entertainment show on YouTube.

Hosted by DJ Ace and Vis, Femi O Baby, LittleMan, Christiana Mbakwe, Kimberly Jay and Damon, Cut The Chat is the one to watch. Move aside ‘Loose Women,’ Cut The Chat is here and it’s just as entertaining for the ladies as it is the fellas.

So far the hysterical hosts have had guest appearances from comedian Eddie Kadi, actor Noel Clark and also DJ Spoony who spilled the beans on how he would have liked to back off his jacket and deal with Tim Westwood after the very heated discussion they had live on Radio 1.

Filmed in a barber shop, Cut The Chat also includes ‘Display Of Bars’ showing the lyrical talent of the featured guests and some of the guys chilling on set. To throw in that extra humour, Cut The Chat includes ‘Celebrity Challenge,’ keeping viewers locked to see who comes out on top when the battle begins.

On a special Cut The Chat episode, the show was filmed in Tate Britain where viewers were given the chance to have a sneak preview of Nigerian artist Chris Ofili’s work, whilst watching a blind date!

Keep your eyes on Cut The Chat Youtube channel.

Words by Melissa Lewars