dan marsh

Influenced by the likes of heavyweight soul contenders Marvin Gaye and Anita Baker Dan Marsh delivers an impactful and passionate experience with his newest single ‘Undress’ which is set to release on the 6th of July 2018.

Drawing on a host of personal experiences Dan Marsh sets out to try and break down some of life’s elusive questions through his music. Moving away from a narrative of simplistic ‘love’ songwriting, Dan explores a more sultry and captivating style that is akin to the likes of John Legend. Due to his versatile skill set, Dan draws on an electrical aesthetic that he implements himself through his own production. Undress is driven by a skipping drum beat, which when coupled with a four on the floor bass drum ensures the rhythm stays on your mind. Simple yet catchy steel drums incite a tropical atmosphere which when layered with west coast Cali synths and a cool lyrical flow solidify’s this song instantly.

Dan’s previous track ‘Daydreaming’ was met with online success and the pressure to follow it up with a strong second song was, therefore, unavoidable, however, Undress is sure to satisfy his 16k Instagram followers.

Dan’s appreciation for poetry is apparent throughout Undress, and his want to translate the idea of love especially in regard to self-worth is an interesting and enlivening idea. The influence of the likes of Pharrell and his ability to piece together complex phrasing is obvious and showcases Dan’s extensive musical knowledge. His online presence has garnered a serious following which helps him quickly reach a larger demographic, here you can also see his love for art and fashion which really helps to solidify Dan as a serious artist and not just a bedroom producer. Still, in the embryonic stage of his musical career, it’s certain that Dan Marsh has a lot more to offer, if continued releases are of the same calibre that Undress is then Dan can be expected to make a serious impact.