David Bowie Is, quite simply, a documentary showcasing the Victoria and Albert Museum’s groundbreaking exhibit that everyone was raved about.

The film takes us on a journey through the last night of the exhibition in London before it went on its worldwide tour. Well they couldn’t deprive the masses of loyal and adoring Bowie fans from witnessing this special collection of amazing photograph’s, stage costumes and an abundance of rare personal possessions from the life of such a musical legend.

Littered with special guests such as the legendary Japanese Fashion designer, Kansai Yamamoto and Pulp front man, Jarvis Cocker amongst many collaborations, that graces the narrative of the story behind some of these key objects from Bowie’s life to document such an artistic yet diverse career.

The curators behind the exhibit also provide us with a fascinating insight into some of the most memorable music videos, one of kind costumes and never-before-seen handwritten lyrics, album cover artwork, set designs and diary contents which give us a look into the mind of such a creative genius.

I’m hearing the cries of what a complete bunch of pretentious rubbish from a few of you already, to be quite frank that crossed my mind too. Don’t be so quick to judge though; you can learn a lot from a documentary. Especially you creative muso types out there, don’t be blinkered by whether his style of music or what he represented floats your boat or not. This could teach you all a thing or two about being an original and not being a sheep and following everyone else down the same path.

What made David Bowie a complete legend and an everlasting household name was his vision to be different and creative. Bringing this exhibition to life via film for many of us who didn’t see the exhibit is truly fascinating and yet again just shows us how to “think outside the box”, even if you don’t get the complete feel of how much space and sound and visuals graced what seems more like a production than an exhibit. This is certainly a must see for any true die hard music fan not just the Bowie fanatics.

By Zehra Phelan

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